2015 1ShoppingCart Review

The Good – 1ShoppingCart is one of the few eCommerce software solutions that offer a built-in affiliate program and multiple storefronts for its merchants. It is also the only one we know of that can automatically set you up with call center support, so you’ll never miss a client call.…

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Cart Features
Marketing Tools
Set-up and Design
Customer Service

Decent cart recommended for beginner to intermediate users and stores that have under 4MM in sales.

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The Good1ShoppingCart is one of the few eCommerce software solutions that offer a built-in affiliate program and multiple storefronts for its merchants. It is also the only one we know of that can automatically set you up with call center support, so you’ll never miss a client call.

The Bad1ShoppingCart still has the small transaction fee that many other major eCommerce contenders have gotten rid of. It also lacks significant automation features and therefore cannot be recommend for merchants doing 2-4MM in sales.

Cool Features – If you need support for multiple websites, 1ShoppingCart has got you covered! They’re also setup to help you with digital sales with features like unlimited bandwidth downloads, secure digital product delivery, auto download creation and expiration and digital product and eBook licensing.

To Sum It Up1ShoppingCart is an easy, yet powerful software that provides excellent customer service. The ZippyCart team felt it would be good for most eCommerce newbies but also provides especially tuned features for those looking to move up from their beginner cart or run multiple storefronts.

Store Setup and Design

While some carts struggle with creating a “Quick Set-Up” feature, we have to give props to the team at 1SC. They seemed to have nailed the quick and easy store set-up with a dashboard that’s fairly easy to understand and intuitive.  For our trial, we decided to breeze over the design features in the quick set-up knowing we’d dive deeper into them once we completed the step-by-step process.

1SC offers about 20 free and 30 paid templates for skinning your cart. However, the selection of free templates didn’t exactly blow us away. Some were pretty dated and we didn’t really see much that we thought to be progressive or modern. For the most part, they were just standard shopping cart layouts. We selected “PuppyLove” and moved forward with our customizing.

One of the more impressive features is their built in affiliate system and ad tracking tools.

1ShoppingCart doesn’t use a “point and click” theme editor. Instead you click on tabbed pages to make changes to the primary theme, navigation and style. This actually isn’t too bad since a number of point and click editors don’t work well, anyway. For the most part, online merchants who run 1SC software have full control over the look and feel of their site. You can change logos, text, size, images, background colors, background images and more. They even allow you to get pretty specific on what you want to change. For example, the ZippyCart team played around with changes to product name, product price, product totals and product description all be different font types, color and sizes. It was very easy to edit site header, footer, subscriptions and widgets. Generally speaking, we found the theme editor to be very functional and fairly straight forward.

1Shopping Cart Set-Up Wizard
1Shopping Cart Set-Up Wizard

Internet Marketing 

While 1SC won’t blow you away with its marketing features, it has enough to keep most business owners happy. This isn’t enterprise level software and they don’t claim it to be. The tools are very simple and easy to set up. You can very quickly create product discounts, coupons, auto-responders, web forms (which is lacking in a lot of carts) product offers and discounts. We were pretty impressed at the functionally of these features. Some carts just build the functions necessary to say they have a feature while we felt 1SC fully executes the marketing feature and makes sure it have all the functions you need to be successful.

One of the more impressive features is their built in affiliate system and ad tracking tools. The affiliate program is progressive and has quite a few features to help you build a commission based marketing program. The ad tracking feature provides insight into how many sales your ads and outbound links are generating.

Another notable feature is the post-sale upsell tool which allows you to create sales “funnels” after the sale, depending on the product they ordered.

1SC is part of web.com, a very large and resourceful organization. Because of this they are able to offer some paid services that can assist you with jump starting your outbound marketing program. They offer custom design services, custom marketing services and more.

1Shopping Cart's Template Editor
1Shopping Cart’s Template Editor


1SC supports over 50 payments methods and is fully PCI-compliant and CISP certified. We always recommend using a PCI complaint solution if you plan on taking credit cards on your site. Additionally they provide you with a free, shared SSL certificate to make sure your checkout is secure.

Managing Payments with 1Shopping Cart
Managing Payments with 1Shopping Cart

Product and Store Management

Overall, 1SC provides the small business owner all the tools they need to manage their products.  It is easy-to-use, feature rich, well laid-out and even includes and express product set-up. You can really add pretty much anything to the product including price, sales price (by date, nice!) description, multiple images, product variations, quantity discounts, packing slips, affiliate commissions and more. The feature provide will give you (almost) everything you need, with one notable exception. While they do give you the ability to add product variations (small, medium, large) they don’t provide you the ability to manage inventory by these attributes. While not a big deal from most small business, it should be noted.

Additionally you can easily import/export products from an Excel spreadsheet. Just be sure to save it as a .csv or .tsv file.

Overall we found the product management tools in 1SC to be in line with the industry standard. However, due to a lack of automation tools, we cannot recommend it for large store with over 500 products.

Managing Shipping with 1Shopping Cart
Managing Shipping with 1Shopping Cart

Customer Support

Customer support is available in 2 different tiers for 1ShoppingCart eMerchants, depending on which monthly package they’ve decided to go with.  Though they have limited customer support call hours, they offer great online support that can help during off hours. We contacted their support team and found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and curious.

  • Contact support by phone: Mon-Fri: 10am – 8pm EST
  • Contact Billing and Affiliate Support: Mon-Fri: 10am – 8pm EST
  • Submit a ticket: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (response time varies)
  • Online Videos: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Overall Value

1ShoppingCart is a good example of eCommerce software that successfully blends ease-of-use with a powerful toolset.  They offer unique features such as multiple storefronts and a built-in tracking system for managing ad conversions.  If your eCommerce store doesn’t need big dog automation for more than 500 products or 2-4MM in sales, 1SC is a great software to consider.

1ShoppingCart supports multiple storefronts and digital sales!

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