2015 3DCart Review

The Good – 3DCart is one of the most feature-rich platforms on the market. The starting price point is very reasonable and it comes with a built in affiliate system and blog. The Bad – Many of their templates are dated and it’s a fairly complex system to drive. Additionally,…

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3DCart is a great move up solution for store owners with eCommerce knowledge. Newbies or low-volume merchants might want to look elsewhere.

User Rating: 2.78 ( 2 votes)

The Good3DCart is one of the most feature-rich platforms on the market. The starting price point is very reasonable and it comes with a built in affiliate system and blog.

The Bad – Many of their templates are dated and it’s a fairly complex system to drive. Additionally, we felt the design features could use some improvement and

Cool Features – We really like their site design tools. Very easy to use and quite powerful.

To Sum It Up3DCart is a great solution, but it’s not recommend for first time merchants or sellers with low inventory. And while you’ll find more features here than you can shake a stick at, these features congest the control panel and make the solution somewhat complex.

Store Setup and Design

Whoa, 3DCart really packs a punch. As far as sheer number of features, very few ( if any ) carts come close to having this many features in the base offering. It could be a bit overwhelming especially for merchants new to the eCommerce world which is why we’re recommending this shopping cart for store owners with some experience under their belt.

Like most shopping carts, 3D cart has a 9 step “Quick Start” process to introduce you to the system. It’s helpful, but you’ll still need to go back and fill in the gaps to complete your store before you launch. The offer over 80 FREE templates, 20 of which are coded in HTML and have a responsive design. And while the newer templates have a clean modern design, the other ones have a somewhat dated look to them. Additionally 3DCart offers “Features Themes” which look pretty good and go for $99-$199 per template.

We selected a templates and started the process of creating our store. 3DCart gives you quite a few options for designing your store. There CSS editor allows you to change every element within the CSS without coding (if you want full access to the CSS, click “Advanced Mode” at the top) and while having the level of control might work for some merchants, we found it pretty challenging. The template we selected had over 70 elements to it and it required some time to find the elements we were looking for. Additionally they require you to click into each element to make the change. With a couple of small changes to the UI we believe 3DCart could make this experience much more user friendly.

3D Cart Control Panel
3D Cart Control Panel

Their “Drag and Drop” editor allow you to change the elements on the page along with the width of the site. But if you want to make color, font and other changes, you need to go back into the CSS editor, find the element and make the change. This method of editing a template does give you quite a bit of control over your design, which is really great for some merchants, but challenging for others. The good news is they create a custom design for you. We’re not sure about the prices as they’re not listed on the site.

Internet Marketing

3DCart offers the merchant plenty of tools to effectively market their store. They’ve even included a couple of features we’ve never seen in any eCommerce solution. As you would expect, they have a newsletter manager, Facebook store, product reviews, coupons, promotions, “buy x, get y free”, gift certificates, wish lists, upselling tools, “email a friend” , a “free shipping” option and more. In addition to these tools they’ve included a built in affiliate system, a blog, a gift registry and a powerful set of SEO and social media tools. Of course, we can’t mention everything they have here, but it their offering should more than adequately fit the needs of any eCommerce merchant looking to sell on-line.

All of their plans include a mobile storefront, the ability to set up a loyalty program and the ability for customer to create “Social Wish Lists” and share them with the friends via social media networks.

You can also export your products to many different marketplaces using their “Shopping Engine Plugin”. Their tool makes it easy to sign-up and export them one-by-one, or you can just use their GoDataFeed integration to take care of them all at once. Addition fees may apply depending on the service you select.

And while 3DCart’s offering is certainly very robust, we did notice they didn’t have any abandon shopping cart remarketing tools.

The 3DCart Theme Designer


3DCart offers an 99% uptime guarantee and all of their stores are deployed on fully PCI compliant servers. Your store is backed up daily and they offer and IP blocking service to assist with fraudulent transaction. If you do plan on taking credit card information on your website, you will need to purchase a SSL certificate or you can use a payment gateway that allows for the transaction to take place on payment gateways site.

Product and Store Management

3D Cart offers a multitude of product and store management tools. In addition to a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and a RMA ( allows for merchandise to be returned in an orderly fashion) they’ve also included a ticketing system for communicating effectively with your customers, a waiting list features, drop shipping features, customizable order status and more. They also have a POS system that allows you to take order via the phone or mail.

They support over 100 different payment gateways and allow for multiple ship to addresses and split-shipments.

Speaking of shipping, 3D cart can get real-time shipping quotes from USPS, FEDEX and UPS.

3D Cart also has an “App Store” that can really improve the functionally of your store. Some of the highlight include:

Recurring orders – $99 per month
Multi-Store Inventory – $49 per month
Campaign Tracking – $15 per month
Make an Offer – FREE
Group Buying – FREE

They have a very robust “Add/Edit Product” feature this is one of the best we’ve ever seen. You can add manufactures, distributors, product variants (features), custom fields, multiple product images, product video, related products and more. You can even control how the product is packaged. Additionally they support both physical and electronic product delivery.

3d Cart Shipping Management
3dCart Shipping Management

Customer Service

All paid plans come with 24/7 phone and email support and access to their knowledge base, community forums. They also include access to a very robust video library that covers many of the cart features and functions. One thing we really like was their “Real-Time Response Stats” which lets you know their average phone hold times and ticket response times.

Contact support by phone: 24/7
Live Chat: 24/7
Support Ticket: 24/7, 7 days a week.
Online Manuals, Video and Knowledge Base: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Overall Value

3DCart is arguably one of the most underrated eCommerce platforms on the market today. With a ton of features and 24/7 support, experienced eCommerce merchants will find everything they are looking for and more with 3DCart. Their pricing plans start at $19.95 per month and that includes 200 products and 4,000 visitors per month, which is a great deal. That said their control panel can be quite daunting and some of the features aren’t exactly user friendly. We recommend this platform for serious eCommerce merchants who have experience and selling over 50 products.

In addition to ourselves, other review sites rated 3DCart quite positive but most did warn about the complexity of the system. And like us, some reviewers had mixed feelings about store design process.

We spend a great deal of time looking at customer reviews and noticed some recurring trends in their reviews. We’ve compiled a list of those complaints below.

Poor Customer Service – We seen this mentioned a number of times, especially in older reviews. With a system like this, this isn’t completely unexpected.

Control Panel is Difficult to Use – As mentioned in our review, this solution isn’t for everyone. That said, we do believe there could be a number of improvements made that could really improve the user experience.

Outdated Templates – Yes, a lot of the free ones are quite bland but we are starting to see some improvements. As we know, the look and feel of a web store can be very important, depending on your target customer. Hopefully 3DCart will realize this and start dedicating more resources to their templates.

3DCart Pricing
3DCart Pricing


  1. I like that the price point is low and that it has easy to use design tools. The fact that it is a complex system to drive is a bit of a concern. Its many features, though, would make it worth a try!

  2. This is one product that I plan to use in the near future. One of the reason that I feel strongly about this product or software is that the 3dcart’s has high-quality and features a rich shopping cart that is easy to use. It has great security protection that goes beyond the norm in several areas, such as with its community-based fraud alert program and technical support that doesn’t just touch on how-tos. Unless you require a massive bandwidth for your online store, this is the best shopping cart solution for your business. That is why I will make it my plan to add this to my soon to be online business of mine.

  3. I use 3D Cart and love it. I strongly recommend it.

  4. I really like how 3D Cart is easy to customize. I also enjoy the security features it provides to the merchants.

  5. Anyone considering 3dcart would be wise to go somewhere else. We have been with these idiots for a coupe of years and every time we turn around they are making life more and more difficult. They make changes that impact their customers with NO notification. And they seem to revel in our misery.

    The latest junk from these bozos is their refusal to accept emails to their support. Now you have to use their url to submit a problem.

    I just had an email, an order confirmation generated by their store software, to our support email address, hosted by them, rejected. Amazing in and of itself.

    Then when I tried to forward the rejection notification to their support email address, they sent an automated response stating – and I quote :


    As of March 1st, 2015, support@3dcart.com is no longer a valid email address for support tickets.

    We ask that you please submit your tickets and request via the 3dcart Online Store Manager to ensure faster service.

    More information can be found here: https://support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/274

    You can also submit tickets via the support portal located at http://support.3dcart.com


    Mike Morgan
    3dcart Director of Client Success