Business Email: the best transactional practices (infographic)

Every business email you send out, from a receipt to a welcome email, has the potential to convert.  Do yours? You may already be engaging with your target audience or existing customers through email, but are you optimizing each email you send out? You should look at every ecommerce email as an opportunity to win over your customers a little more, convincing them to continue making purchases from your ecommerce store. Here are a few tips from Easy SMTP on how to optimize each of your emails.

  1. Welcome Email  Make the subject lines on business email clear and concise, and include your brand name- vague subject lines reduce open rates by up to 80%. Also, including an offer can more than double revenue per email. In general, the average revenue per email for welcome emails is $5.83, compared to just 53 cents for bulk emails.
  2. Abandoned Carts  67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned, but a transactional business email can reduce abandonment by up to 40%. Increase your open rates by 10% by calling out the specific abandoned item in the subject line, and you also get a 50% increase in click-through when additional purchases are recommended. Finally, open rates vary by industry, but on average, the first email in a cart abandonment email series is opened half the time. This falls to 40% for the second email and 27% for the third.
  3. Receipts  Be polite and say “thank you” in your confirmation email, or risk a 35% drop in click through rate. Receipt emails have an average open rate of 114.4%, compared to 14.4% for bulk emails. Also, add in your social media channels to this email; you could see a 55% increase in click-through rates when you add your social media links.
  4. Shipping Confirmation  Add cross-sell recommendations to business email rotations and increase transaction rates by 20%. You can also cut costs on customer service by including any information a customer will need in the shipping confirmation, such as the order number, tracking number, date placed, delivery date, products ordered, and links for tracking, returns, and questions.
  5. Product Review  Only around 10% of people will respond to product review emails; however, consumers consider customer reviews 12x more trustworthy than manufacturer descriptions, and 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that offers customer reviews. Wait 2-3 weeks after the purchase before sending a review email.
Business Email
Business Email mentions can do so much for your business!

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