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Latest eCommerce News

Data Integration Tools: Making the Process Painless

Zippy Cart Data Integration Tools

When setting up a new online eCommerce store, it can be easy to forget some of the most important features that contribute to a successful business, like data integration tools. In addition to the store’s web design, inventory management, and eCommerce system, it’s important to remember data integration and picking a provider that can help simplify the process. Let’s take ... Read More »

Why Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Has Come of Age

Why Social Media Has Come of Age

Every online marketer knows how important social media is for digital marketing. With Penguin, Panda and other Google penalties, there is not sure-shot way of driving traffic to your website using old-fashioned SEO. On the other hand, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are emerging as awesome platforms for driving valuable traffic to ecommerce websites. However, not ... Read More »

The Best Online Store Ideas for 2014

Best Online Store Ideas for 2014

  Online businesses are witnessing a boom and more and more buyers are developing the habit of shopping online.  Mobile commerce has added a lot to the 2014 boom and there is no end in site! Thankfully, there are several reputable e-commerce software companies and shopping cart solutions that can help you adapt your business to online shopping and make ... Read More »

How to Build Online Brand Awareness in 2014

Building Brand Awareness

Most eMerchants and online business owners know that online brand awareness is important… and not just for big companies. Even if you’re a small online business or medium sized eCommerce company, you should gear up and take those initiatives that will help you establish your own online brand awareness. But do you really know what online brand awareness actually takes ... Read More »

7 Easy Ways to Ensure Customer Loyalty

Improve usability

Customer loyalty is one of the keys to success for both brick and mortar stores and online businesses.  Regardless of the type of products or services you sell, you’ll always need more customers. You’re right if you’re trying to pull in tons of new customers to your business through a wide range of tactics or methods but do you know ... Read More »

How to Make Sure You’re PCI Compliant

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of information security measures for organizations that handle cardholder information, aims to reduce credit card fraud by protecting cardholder data. Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is mandatory for merchants of all sizes, but the requirements can seem complicated and perplexing. So that you’re not completely baffled, here are some ... Read More »

Use Google Authorship to Improve Click-Thru Rates

Without providing stellar content to your target audience, it’s now impossible to rule the web or dominate search engine results. Do you agree? Well, look at the last couple of search algorithmic updates by Google and you’ll know. You might have heard about the Panda and Penguin updates by Google. But one of the most influential changes that happened this ... Read More »

Budget Marketing Tools to Help You Evaluate Your Budget

You could sell the greatest product in the world, but if no one knows about it, you’re out of luck – and business. But good business doesn’t come down to luck; it comes down to marketing tools. Although social media has opened up a whole new world of free advertising and customer outreach, a marketing budget is still a must ... Read More »

Cyber Monday: A Hacker’s Favorite Holiday

By Cyber Monday, holiday shopping is already in full swing. The one day that die hard online shoppers look forward to all year is also a day e-tailers both relish and dread. On the one hand, capturing the flood of online shoppers is exciting, but are you sure your site is safe and prepared to handle the influx of traffic? ... Read More »

Optimize Online Payments for better UX and Higher Ecommerce Sales

Online payments is one area of ecommerce that needs that next great idea from a genius. While the Internet has automated most processes and made it easier for companies to sell products to customer worldwide, payment remains a hassle. Even for the best ecommerce websites, the customer has to enter an address, enter a long card number and fill in ... Read More »