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Driving Sales WITHOUT Discounts

driving sales without discounts

Is driving sales without discounts a possibility in the competitive world or eCommerce?  Some of the top eCom experts believe it is! Have you ever thought that the perfect cure to drooping e-commerce sales could be a discount? If so, you’re not alone.  Last Thanksgiving, nearly two-thirds of the top 1,000 e-retailers offered discounts, and in 2016, 126.9 million U.S. ...

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How to Sell an eCommerce Business –Interview With Thomas Smale of FE International

sell an ecommerce business

Zippycart recently had the chance to interview industry expert Thomas Smale, the Managing Director of FE International, a website brokerage business that grew from scratch into a seven-figure-a-year business in less than 5 years.  Since appearing in their popular ‘How to Grow Your E-commerce Business’ blog post, we have been keen to find out everything there is to know about website ...

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Creating a Perfect Product Page

create a perfect product page

Is it possible to create a Perfect Product Page?  We think so!  Keep reading to get the industry secrets on product pages that convert! Online business owners are always trying to make the homepage of their eCommerce website as aesthetically pleasing as possible but their attentions should be focused on other pages, as well.  What truly makes the difference in ...

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Make Purchase History and eCommerce Personalization Work for You!

eCommerce personalization

Are you making the most of the information you collect through your online store?  If not, it’s high time that you find an eCommerce software that can help you automate purchase history personalization.  Features such as product recommendations based on purchase history or what others have bought can be invaluable tools for your eCommerce website.  Essentially, eCommerce personalization is the process of tailoring product ...

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What to Ask When Starting Your First eCommerce Site

first ecommerce site

Starting Your First eCommerce Site Creating any quality website is going to be a significant investment of time and money, whether for an individual, a small company, or a corporate giant. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get your first eCommerce site right, the first time! Rather than provide a list of guidelines, to which there will always be ...

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3 Specific SEO Strategies That Lead to Success

SEO Strategies

Are you looking for specific SEO Strategies that lead to success? One of the problems with SEO is there is so much “stuff” that gets done, an online company can’t help but wonder which activities are getting results and which are just busywork. At a strategic level, every e-commerce SEO campaign has certain must-do activities, and other nice-to-do-if-we-can-afford-it-and-and-have-time-to-do activities.  Here ...

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Tips to boost your Ecommerce Sales with Mobile Technology


Well, the hot word is ‘Mcommerce’. Technically, it’s the process of conducting business transactions, mostly ecommerce, through the smart handhelds like Phones, Tablets etc. This particular name was coined in the year 1997 due to its enormous future possibilities in the ecommerce arena. With the flow of time, those possibilities of it have turned to today’s monumental authority. Current market ...

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Here’s the Skinny on Pinterest’s New Buyable Pins

buyable pins

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’re going to be thrilled, and disappointed, with the newest development in from their visually stunning platform…. Buyable Pins.  Has the idea of using Pinterest for direct product purchase crossed your mind before?  If it has, your dream has come true, with certain restrictions. The social pinning site has finally come out with its buy button ...

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