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Tips to boost your Ecommerce Sales with Mobile Technology


Well, the hot word is ‘Mcommerce’. Technically, it’s the process of conducting business transactions, mostly ecommerce, through the smart handhelds like Phones, Tablets etc. This particular name was coined in the year 1997 due to its enormous future possibilities in the ecommerce arena. With the flow of time, those possibilities of it have turned to today’s monumental authority. Current market ...

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Here’s the Skinny on Pinterest’s New Buyable Pins

buyable pins

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’re going to be thrilled, and disappointed, with the newest development in from their visually stunning platform…. Buyable Pins.  Has the idea of using Pinterest for direct product purchase crossed your mind before?  If it has, your dream has come true, with certain restrictions. The social pinning site has finally come out with its buy button ...

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How is the Amazon Effect Affecting Retail Shipping?

amazon effect

Since its beginning in 1994, Amazon has quickly risen from an online book retailer to a store that sells everything imaginable- hence, their nickname of “The Everything Store.” Their meteoric rise has expanded past their own success to affect the entire e-commerce industry, from shipping and trucking to the decline of brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks in part to Amazon and other ...

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Tips For Making Your Small E-commerce Website Standout

small e-commerce website

Making your small e-commerce website standout is not easy with today’s competition so, how do you compete? E-commerce is a growing industry but it’s beginning to become apparent that the shift towards online purchasing is feeding big business and beginning to make it hard for the small online store to succeed.  With the competition so fierce, it’s important for small online ...

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Building an Online Store in 2015

building an online store

Are you ready to start building an online store but feel overwhelmed by all the great options? We can help! Building an online store allows a small business merchant to quickly expand the visibility of their products – from a handful of followers to hundreds of thousands of shoppers worldwide. Even though the eCommerce sector offers an untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs, building a ...

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Media Shower interviews us about eCommerce trends and the future our site

MediaShower interviews ZippyCart about eCommerce trends and the future of our site

ZippyCart has always been a big fan of MediaShower and now we’re excited to have been interviewed by them. We went over the biggest eCom newbie mistake and how ZippyCart saves eMerchants time by providing condensed research on eCommerce software. MediaShower, a company that’s known for their amazing content and all around optimization, recently recently decided to add a specialized line-up to ...

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2015 eCommerce Trends to Watch Closely

2015 eCommerce Trends

2015 is getting well underway so what’s next for the eCommerce world?  Let’s take a look at the top 2015 eCommerce Trends to find out… The eCommerce industry is already huge, and continues to grow steadily. By the end of 2015, the US-based eCommerce is projected to reach a whooping $350 billion in sales. It’s quite evident that shopping from our ...

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How to win back consumer trust post data breach

consumer trust

There have been so many data breaches in the last year or so… how do online businesses win back consumer trust at this point? Since the beginning of 2014, there have been more than 600 data breaches, a 26.5 percent increase over the same time last year. With more retailers, such as Home Depot and Goodwill, falling victim to breaches, it’s clear that few are taking ...

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The Future of Online Shopping Trends

online shopping trend

Have a Closer Look at Future of Online Shopping Trends! Online shopping trends are simply the result of online research that leads to completed sales of random or currently trending products.  Many online customers prefer  online shopping because they can easily research a product online before completing their purchase. Since there are a many retailers offering similar products for specific niche, customers need to do some ...

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The Twitter Commerce Buy Button: What You Need to Know

twitter commerce

Would you like to shop and sell through Twitter Commerce? If you said ‘Yes’, and the idea sounds quite interesting, you’re time has come. Recently, Twitter announced their newest feature – the ‘Buy’ button. Welcome to Twitter Commerce.  This step will boost its e-commerce strategy while ramping up advertising revenues. If you’re an ecommerce business owner or run an online store, this ...

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