Major Retailers Increasing Ecommerce Budgets in 2010

ecommerce and shopping cart news May 4, 2010
By the ZippyCart Ecommerce Software Reviews Content Team

Major retailers are getting serious about ecommerce in 2010, planning to invest more money into improving and expanding their online presence, which the e-tailing group 9th Annual Merchant Survey indicates. Specifically 59% are planning on investing more this year, then they did in the prior year, in their ecommerce efforts. As broadband penetration has increased across the U.S. and ecommerce sites have improved, it has made the online shopping process even easier for people. There are a variety of things that retailers are doing to ensure that their ecommerce sites are generating online sales to help drive revenue for their company. The beauty of the ecommerce channel is that it is easily measurable and performance driven, with merchants continually striving to improve conversion rates and maximize ROI. Therefore, much of the investment from retailers this year will be on initiatives that will help conversion rates, with projects like site redesigns, cross-sells, A/B testing, and analytics.

Retailers are also looking into other ecommerce investments in 2010 to help position themselves to capitalize on the uptick in consumer spending which is expected as the economy rebounds over the next few years. Other projects include improving customer service, increasing customization and personalization options, advancing social networking efforts, and ecommerce blogs. Video is also another component which retailers are adding more and more to their ecommerce sites to help conversion, as customers get a better feel for the products via video. Lastly, mobile is still top of mind for many retailers, but it is lower on the list compared to other previously mentioned initiatives. As mobile technology improves in the U.S., and more people shift to smart phones, retailers will jump on board and shift more budget toward those efforts.

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