Survey Shows Women Lead Online Purchases

July 30, 2010
By the ZippyCart Shopping Cart Reviews Content Team

A recent survey published by comScore provides insight into the ways in which women are shaping the Internet, and one area where women seem to be leading the way is with online shopping. The United States is the biggest ecommerce market in the world, and in the U.S. women are the main participants in online buying. Not only do women have more transactions on the Internet, but they also spend more money in total. These trends are not the same however in countries where ecommerce is less established, but women all over the world still spend a lot of time on retail websites. While it is not a surprise to most that women tend to shop online more often then men, it may be interesting to know how different women are in terms of where and how they shop online in comparison to men.

women dominate online shopping

The comScore survey found that women account for just under 50% of the Internet population in the U.S., but they are able to generate 58% of ecommerce dollars. Women were also found to be a bigger force when it comes to social networking, which is why many online retailers are using social commerce techniques to help attract women to shop in their ecommerce store. Meshing online shopping and social networking is a smart move for online retailers, as it allows them to build a deeper relationship with their customers. The key areas where women dominate online purchases are in apparel, accessories, and jewelry. Another interesting area where women outspent men was on video games and consoles, but it is likely that these purchases were for their children. Regardless of who women are shopping for, the bottom line is that they’re heavy online shoppers and anyone who operates an ecommerce store should give serious thought about how they can attract more women to their site.

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