Operation E-Commerce: Dissecting the Best E-Commerce Software

August 26, 2010
By the ZippyCart Shopping Cart Reviews Content Team

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Dissecting the Best E-Commerce Software Solutions

Finding the right e-commerce solution to power your online store can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many affordable solutions with the same basic feature set. Because of this, we put together the infographic above, which details the minimum features that make the best e-commerce solutions stand out from the crowd. When reviewing e-commerce software, you should expect some bare necessities like an online admin panel, the ability to customize portions of your storefront, the ability to accommodate one currency, an email account, the ability to sell down-loadable products, etc.

While these bare necessities will help you start selling online fast, they will not lead you to success.  Many e-commerce solution providers understand that merchants need to focus on selling and not spend their time setting up a clunky system.  Because of this, additional tools are included to make the management of your online store a breeze.  These features include marketing tools, product and inventory management, easy design tools, FedEx, UPS, and USPS integration (for real-time shipping rates), control over tax rules, and basic tech support.

While all of the features listed above are very helpful, some e-commerce solutions go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you remain ahead of the competition.  This is where the best e-commerce software solutions come in, and the features they offer make them great options for any merchant that wants to sell online full time.  These unique and optimal features include the ability to add a blog to your online store, email marketing integration, affiliate management tools, full access to HTML and CSS for 100% customizable design, highly intuitive design tools for those that do not know code, Facebook integration and other social commerce tools, mobile commerce tools, shopping feed integration, PCI/PA-DSS compliance (or both), an included SSL, and superior customer support… to name a few.

Review the infographic above which details the bare minimum requirements you should expect from some of the best e-commerce software solutions.  If you’re ready to start comparing solutions and looking for somewhere to start, then two great solutions with all of these features and very low monthly costs include 3dcart and CoreCommerce.

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