Charlie Sheen Tickets Being Dumped from Online Shopping Carts

April 5, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

What can we say about Charlie Sheen? The possibly-washed-out-actor-turned-probable-maniac has had more than his fair share of news coverage lately, but he just won’t curl up quietly with his drug and woman of choice and go away. The latest round of media saturation for the beleaguered celebrity: ticket sales for his one-man show, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth,” are all over the place. Some people are hustling to get them into their e-ticket shopping carts, while other are looking to unload them.

The news that Charlie Sheen would be embarking on a tour to relive some of his most recent, highly-public insanity, and dish some inside dirt to loyal fans was initially met with excitement from both the Sheen-loving public and people who just like to see a train wreck up on state. Either way, crowds thought that they’d at least be in for an entertaining evening. That being the case, tickets were a hot commodity before the first show went up, with eager consumers hastily clicking to add them to their shopping carts.

Online ticket services like Stubhub! reported tons of activity, according to Glen Lehrman, Stubhub!’s director of strategy:

“It had been 24-hours-a-day of Charlie, all the interviews he’d been doing, radio, Internet. So there was this huge curiosity, tickets went on sale and they were snapped up in an instant.”

The main reason for the shake-up in the Charlie Sheen show ticket prices has been his catastrophic on-stage antics. His first show in Detroit was facing some ticket issues even before it went up, with some tickets going for as low as $9 (buyer’s remorse?).

The real disturbances happened after the Detroit show, wherein Sheen and other performers turned in rambling monologues paired with disconnected and unfinished jokes, and which culminated in Sheen appearing on stage with two of his “goddesses,” to say “This is an experiment. We are working some [stuff] out.”

That was all it took: Even before that numerous attendees had already stormed out and a whole section of the balcony even chanted “Refund!” Now that reviews are firmly in (despite a major turn-around in Chicago a few nights later), some people are looking to dump tickets and some are looking to pick up tickets at unpredictable rates. Disillusioned Sheen fans need something like an anti-eBay, where they can put things in a virtual shopping cart and pray that someone pulls them out for the lowest fee. Ecommerce newcomer Zaarly could offer some of these ticket buyers and sellers a unique way to connect when it expands.

At any rate, the Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo” seems to have exploded, leaving fans, spectators, and the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

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