Spotify Set to Integrate with Facebook

May 26, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

Streaming music service Spotify is poised to launch a full integration with Facebook, which could interfere with the various cloud music ecommerce solutions currently crowding the market. The Spotify integration would allow listeners to share their musical selections with their Facebook friends and listen to tracks together. Social sharing options like this are already a staple on music services like Grooveshark (recently ejected from Google’s app ecommerce solution) and Last.FM. Pandora allows you to create and share “stations” with your friends and “gift” them to others.

Everybody loves music, and Mark Zuckerberg loves Spotify, having posted that exact sentiment on his Facebook page some months ago. That should come as no surprise, he and Sean Parker (Napster founder, Spotify shareholder and board member, and Facebook shareholder) have been business allies for years. Zuckerberg even had plans for a music sharing service called Wire Hog back in 2004, but Parker is said to have tabled it.

Parker is singing a new tune now in regards to paying for music. He views Spotify as a gateway ecommerce solution for people who want to listen to lots of streaming music (and maybe even own some of it) and have the money to pay for it. It’s a natural progression in his personal narrative:

“I wouldn’t say Spotify is about atoning for Napster…It’s more about finishing what I started.”

He also says that a US launch of Spotify is now closer than ever. The hurdle for launching the service here is figuring out a pricing structure that will allow them to pay out to the big 4 music labels. You know, the same labels that Apple is in the midst of sealing deals with for their cloud music/ecommerce solution project? Yeah, those big 4.

Music is a big deal for the internet. People love it and are much more likely to listen to stuff on their computers while they work (or pretend to work!) or do any other online activity. Even still, Facebook is becoming about more than just socializing. Warner Brothers has already agreed to stream movies on Facebook and more groups and artists are selling their material through ecommerce solutions integrated directly with Facebook. A good pricing plan for unlimited listening (since Spotify only allows 10 hours of listening for free) combined with a Facebook rollout in the US could help keep Spotify competitive with Apple, Google, and and keep Facebook steadily climbing up the media ladder.

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