Amazon Ecommerce Solution Launches Mac Download Store

May 31, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

It looks like ecommerce solution won’t be backing down from its competition with Apple anytime soon. On Thursday, Amazon announced the opening of their very own Mac Download Store. The new ecommerce solution offers Mac users 250 products for Mac OS.

The Mac Download store does not have as large a selection as Apple’s Mac store, but it  does have something to offer on its own. Amazon is offering software downloads through the site that Apple doesn’t, including the home and student versions of Microsoft Office for Mac. All of the downloads are install-less and backed up on Amazon’s servers for unlimited future downloads so that customers know their purchase is safe and doesn’t come with any unnecessary extras. This doesn’t mean free installs on multiple computers, however. Amazon will be leaving licensing agreement issues to the software manufacturers.

The ecommerce solution offer an automatic updater for downloaded software, however. Unlike with Apple, customers will have to take it upon themselves to get their updates. Although Amazon is currently offering a $5 discount on download purchases through the  June 1st, the overall prices are actually only slightly lower in comparison to the App Store. The selection is also currently limited to software and it is not clear whether or not the store will eventually offer iPhone, iPad or Mac applications.

This move comes just a few weeks after the release of Amazon’s Cloud Music store, an apparent attempt to snag customers before the rumored release of Apple’s own cloud music service, iCloud. With the launch of the Android App Store, the success of the Kindle e-reader and the rumors that the release of an entire family of Android devices is on the horizon, Amazon is certainly putting up some stiff competition for Apple. The release also comes in the midst of a legal battle between the two ecommerce solutions, as Apple recently pitched a fit over Amazon’s use of the name Android Appstore.

Amazon is currently offering around 250 different video game and software titles, including language learning software, DVD rippers, YouTube converters, QuickBooks and some Adobe design products along with their tutorial software. With more software becoming available in the coming months and the anticipated release of Amazon’s Android smart phone and tablet, the ecommerce solution looks to make a killing this holiday season from both Android and Apple devotees alike.

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