Ryan Dunn’s Death: Fan Bids $11,100 for Newsaper

June 24, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

ryan dunnA local newspaper printed just a couple miles from the location of the fatal accident involving Ryan Dunn sold for $11,100 on the ecommerce solution Ebay.  18 bidders battled it out early Thursday morning to see who would be taking home the somewhat historic newspaper.  Currently their is an auction in progress for the same paper selling for over $100,000 while another has a “buy it now” option for $500.00.  If this is a joke involving countless fake bidders it is quite elaborate and garnering a good deal of media attention.

We decided to look into who was selling the mysterious newspapers on the ecommerce solution and if people were truly trying to buy this dubious item or if all the bids were fake.  The seller of the two high-priced papers is named Jayne918 and currently has a 100% feedback.  In the past Jayne has auctioned pants, collectible Monopoly sets, and boots, but nothing similar to a $100,000 local paper.

Jayne 918’s West Chester Daily Local newspaper doesn’t really have too eloquent of a description.  The item page includes a grainy picture and a brief description that reads:  “FOR AUCTION IS THE NEWSPAPER WITH THE NOTICE OF DEATH OF RYAN DUNN “JACKASS STAR”.  IT IS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER WHERE HE LIVED AND DIED “WEST CHESTER, PA, IN CHESTER COUNTY”.  THIS IS A NEW UNREAD NEWSPAPER.  PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS.  THANKS FOR LOOKING !!”  For a $100,000 product you think a person would want a little more detail.

The celebrity was killed early Monday  morning in a horrific car accident when he reportedly exceeded speeds of 130mph before crashing his vehicle.  His 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 erupted into flames on impact. Dunn died at the scene. His passenger was killed as well.  Police say Dunn’s BAC was approximately .196, which is twice the legal limit.

So far the ecommerce solution Ebay has not commented on if the bids were authentic but several credible media outlets have picked up on the auction.  More news should surface throughout the day as new information comes to light.

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