Billeo Wins Stevie Award for Best Ecommerce Site

June 24, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

stevie award billeoPopular ecommerce solution Belleo, Inc. has been chosen as the the recipient for the Stevie(R) award for Best E-commerce site.  The announcement came Monday night during the 2011 American Business Awards in New York City.  There were an estimated 2,800 entries of all sizes from every industry in consideration.

The Billeo ecommerce solution allows consumers save money and time while paying online bills or shopping.  The reward came in recognition for the company’s “Assistant” browser app which allows customer to save nearly 10 percent on every purchase through taking advantage of relationships and loyalty programs.  Over the over the last couple years, the company has won much praise by providing a powerful service to their customers.

Billeo CEO Murali Subbarao was ecstatic about the award and had this to say: “Billeo was founded on a simple principle — to help online consumers save time and money. Our consumer-centric approach has always set us apart — from the companies we work with to the design of our apps — and we’re thrilled to have our work recognized by the American Business Awards.”

This year the awards were presented in over 40 categories including Best Overall Company of the Year and Best New Product of the Year.  The American Business Awards are in their 9th year and winners get the opportunity to receive a “Stevie.”  The award is 16 inches tall, hand-cast, and finished in 24-karat gold.  According to their website, the Stevie represents the hierarchy of human needs, a system that was often represented as a pyramid when developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow.  The late psychologist was extremely well respected in his field and is remembered for focusing on the positive qualities of people.

Though the prestigious Stevie award was met with celebration at the company this was not the first time an award like this was presented to Billeo.   In 2008 the company won an Internactive Media Award and in 2009 was a CODiE winner and a Stevie finalist bot for Best Ecommerce Site.

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