Susan D.

Susan was raised in Missouri but has lived 'out west' for more than 10 years. She currently bounces back and forth between the Phoenix and San Francisco areas and is always looking for the next adventure. Susan has a curious mind and wanderlust heart, which has made research and blogging a perfect fit for her. She especially enjoys keeping up with and writing on local and unique businesses, travel, and eCommerce issues. When she's not running Zippycart, she's probably researching a random piece of information she came across online.

What is Making These eCommerce Products Top Sellers for 2016?

ecommerce products

Why are these eCommerce Products so Hot in 2016? Are you selling online, or considering getting into the internet retail market?  With the total eCommerce sales in the United States alone projected to surpass $550 dollars in 2016, the online market is full of opportunities for an online store owner, no matter what level of experience they have. Whether you’re the ...

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Security Threats and How Online Retailers Deal With Them

Security Threats

Why do retailers face persistent security threats and how should they address the problem… especially over the holidays? The holiday season is upon us, which means that millions of Americans are about to spend a boatload of money buying gifts online. Unfortunately, it also means hackers are ready to mobilize. E-commerce is no stranger to the risks posed by hackers ...

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The 5 Best Promotions for Black Friday 2015

best promotions for black Friday 2015

What Best Promotions for Black Friday 2015?  We’ve got a quick list to get you started! Though many shoppers may start early, Black Friday is the ‘official start’ of the holiday shopping season in the United States. Regardless of what products you sell or what niche your online store belongs to, you’re sure to face a competitive rush during the holiday season. ...

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How to Sell an eCommerce Business –Interview With Thomas Smale of FE International

sell an ecommerce business

Zippycart recently had the chance to interview industry expert Thomas Smale, the Managing Director of FE International, a website brokerage business that grew from scratch into a seven-figure-a-year business in less than 5 years.  Since appearing in their popular ‘How to Grow Your E-commerce Business’ blog post, we have been keen to find out everything there is to know about website ...

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Building an Online Store in 2015

building an online store

Are you ready to start building an online store but feel overwhelmed by all the great options? We can help! Building an online store allows a small business merchant to quickly expand the visibility of their products – from a handful of followers to hundreds of thousands of shoppers worldwide. Even though the eCommerce sector offers an untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs, building a ...

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2015 eCommerce Trends to Watch Closely

2015 eCommerce Trends

2015 is getting well underway so what’s next for the eCommerce world?  Let’s take a look at the top 2015 eCommerce Trends to find out… The eCommerce industry is already huge, and continues to grow steadily. By the end of 2015, the US-based eCommerce is projected to reach a whooping $350 billion in sales. It’s quite evident that shopping from our ...

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Start Holiday Sales Marketing Now!

holiday sales marketing

What should you do to get your online store ready for the holidays? Read on to get the best ideas for holiday sales marketing! The holiday shopping season is around the corner once again! If you’re really serious about the growth of your online store, you should roll up your sleeves right away and begin some advanced planning in holiday ...

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Why is a Blog So Important to Your Online Store?


Why is a Blog So Important to Your Online Store? There are many reasons… It’s somewhat funny that I am writing a blog post about why your online store should have a blog. Do you know why? It’s because the popular focus has recently shifted from ‘why bother with a blog’ to ‘how to blog’. Still, I think there are ...

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Are HTTPS / SSL Now a Google Ranking Factor?


If you’re an ecommerce business owner who is trying to keep up with Google ranking preferences, you’ll need to hear the latest news on HTTPS and SSL security certificates! Google ranking factors will never remain the same. That’s exactly why we call the SEO industry a dynamic one. If you remember, Matt Cutts, who leads the Google’s web spam team, ...

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