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How to Increase Revenue with Product Images

By Ricky Tsao March 27, 2013 Years ago, I was a Planogram team member for a Target. My whole job was to influence the customer’s purchase decisions by placing and displaying products in a certain way. From signage to posters, display shelves and in-store advertising, Target put the utmost care and attention to how products are shown to customers. This ... Read More »

Re-engage Your Visitors Using Remarketing and Google Analytics

By Ricky Tsao March 20, 2013 A lot of small to medium businesses consider paid advertising for their online marketing purposes. Typically, an SMB would use a service like Google AdWords. However, the reality is that it can cost a lot to get enough conversions (number of sales, or goals, divided by visits) so you may want to look at ... Read More »

Payroll Software Programs: Making Your Life Easier

By Debbie Allen March 18, 2013 Businesses of all sizes can use payroll software programs to handle the processing and calculations of its payroll. In addition to computing payrolls, these software programs can also be used to keep accurate records. In other words, payroll software programs streamline the payroll process. Even in large companies, the programs make the task of ... Read More »

Top 10 Ecommerce Trends of 2013

By Kinjal Adeshara March 11, 2013 “Ecommerce” will continue to be a buzz word in 2013 and while this comes as no surprise, what needs to be seen is what will be the trends that will power this domain. Ecommerce will definitely evolve as it did in the past years but this evolutionary process is going to accelerate. More Personalized ... Read More »

New Features from the Top Shopping Carts of 2013

By Susan Delly March 8, 2013 One of the things that we love about Shopping Cart software is innovative and fast paced… it’s always improving.  This is especially apparent when you look at the shopping cart solutions on ZippyCart’s top carts of 2013 comparison list. Here are a few recent upgrades and changes that are worth noting. Fortune3  – after ... Read More »

Why is Inbound Marketing Better for Online Stores?

By the ZippyCart eCom team March 7, 2013 In order to keep up with the changing consumer demands, the techniques of marketing also change their course. As the owner of an online business or an e-commerce store, you may have heard about ‘inbound marketing’, as opposed to outbound marketing. But do you know what inbound marketing is and how it ... Read More »

Smoothing the Path to Purchase

By Paul Rufus March 4, 2013 On a regular basis, I’m asked to evaluate a prospective clients’ e-commerce store. Often they are frustrated by lower than expected conversion rates or declining sales. Question number one tends to be something along the lines of why have you designed and built your e-commerce store? Question two: So, why have you made it ... Read More »

Paid Celebrity Tweets… do they work?!

By Susan Delly March 1, 2013 Social media has long proven itself to be an effective way for online business owners to keep in touch with their shoppers and increase sales and revenue in doing so.  Aside from the basic tweeting and promotion, however, what can you do with it?  One of the underground trends that you may not have ... Read More »

The Top 7 Ways to Give Your Online Business a Personality

By The ZippyCart eCom team Feb 27, 2013 In the past, it was quite easy to attract customers to your online business and increase your sales. Today, there are so many choices (and fierce competition) that getting customers seems like a daunting task. First, you need to attract lots of traffic to your website, and then you have to engage ... Read More »

How to Choose a Hosted Shopping Cart: Pinnacle vs. CoreCommerce vs. 3DCart

By Halyna Yefymchuk Feb 25, 2013 Hosted shopping carts have rapidly gained popularity on the market because of their reasonable price and ease-of use. The most confusing part of them is… which one to pick?!  Common questions that merchants ask regard the difference in platforms functionality and pricing, as many of the top ranked carts  seem to be pretty much the ... Read More »