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7 Tips for Altering Your Budget So You Can Hire an SEO Expert

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Alter Your Budget So You Can Hire an SEO Expert The fourth quarter is when most businesses take real stock of their situations. CEOs and entrepreneurs look at what they accomplished in quarters one through three and what they need to do in quarter four to end the year “on top.” It’s also when they figure out what has been ... Read More »

Google PPC Ads No Longer Allowing Phone Numbers

Google has put the brakes on the use of phone numbers in PPC ads. Like many of the changes made by Google, the announcement was made very quietly. The change was put into effect starting April 1, 2013. If you want to include phone numbers in your PPC ads, you will have to use call extensions. Google’s Reason According to ... Read More »

Learn Invoicing Pointers for Better Organization

By Andrew Lisa May 27, 2013 Invoicing is something that every business has to do and almost every business owner dreads the most. While collecting money is great, the process by which you collect it takes valuable time and energy away from improving your business and working on your strategy. A slip angers clients and messes up your numbers. This ... Read More »

Pointers for Making Your Bookkeeping Duties Stress-Free

Bookkeeping is one of what many would consider the necessary evils of running a successful business. But it doesn’t need to come with the stresses that so many of us associate with financial management. We’re here to provide some pointers for making the process a bit easier, and hopefully eliminate some of the pain from the process! Consistency is key. ... Read More »

Payroll Software Programs: Making Your Life Easier

By Debbie Allen March 18, 2013 Businesses of all sizes can use payroll software programs to handle the processing and calculations of its payroll. In addition to computing payrolls, these software programs can also be used to keep accurate records. In other words, payroll software programs streamline the payroll process. Even in large companies, the programs make the task of ... Read More »

Offer More Payment Options to Increase Online Sales

By the ZippyCart eCom team March 13, 2013 Though credit cards are great, they should not be your only online payment options an e-commerce store offers. According to Fred Neff (President, Internet Merchants Association), online payment options can make a huge impact on the number of your online sales. Therefore, it’s vital for e-commerce business owners to break out of ... Read More »

Three eCommerce Metrics Not to Forget

By Stitch Labs Febuary 18, 2013 As a small owner business owner, it can be difficult to sift out what metrics you should be focusing on in your business and what you should leave to your accountant. Most eCommerce options do an excellent job keeping track of metrics, including conversion, cart abandonment, and overall profit, to help you gauge the ... Read More »

7 Ways to Pick the Right Merchant Account Provider

By Mike Ward December 10, 2012 Merchant Account Due Diligence The decision to choose a merchant account provider should not be treated as a flippant one. Truthfully, an ill-chosen merchant provider has the power to do considerable damage to a small business. Fortunately, if one conducts proper due diligence, then finding the right merchant account provider is simply a matter ... Read More »

Use Your Billing System to Achieve Social CRM

By Scott Swartz November 19, 2012 Every company wants to be in the know and stay on top of the latest trends. Every company also wants to deliver the best product and experience to its customers. The latest buzzword to sweep the business world is “social” and focusing on the social aspects of business allows companies to deliver on both of ... Read More »

Top 5 Reasons Every Business Should Accept Online Payments

By Heather Legg November 5, 2012 Whether a business is an online one or a physical store or business, a big benefit it can have is accepting online payments. Not all businesses start out this way, and it can be a big mistake. All businesses should really employ online payment services. Here are some reasons why:   1. It’s Easier! ... Read More »