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How to Choose a Hosted Shopping Cart: Pinnacle vs. CoreCommerce vs. 3DCart

By Halyna Yefymchuk Feb 25, 2013 Hosted shopping carts have rapidly gained popularity on the market because of their reasonable price and ease-of use. The most confusing part of them is… which one to pick?!  Common questions that merchants ask regard the difference in platforms functionality and pricing, as many of the top ranked carts  seem to be pretty much the ... Read More »

Responsive Web Design 101

By Matt DeLong, CEO of CoreCommerce Feb 25, 2013 The use of tablets or smartphones to surf online has been a driving force for a movement in web development called responsive design. Simply put, responsive design is a single web design that adapts itself to multiple screen sizes, no matter which type of device, tablet or smartphone is used. According ... Read More »

What Will 2013 Bring for Online Video?

By Kelly Ford January 14, 2013 The last 12 months have been pivotal for the US online video industry.  The following State of Video in E-Commerce  infographic is a compilation of US online video industry key trends and metrics, as well as outlook and perspective for 2013. The collective findings and data shared in this report are sourced from industry leaders ... Read More »

Emailing Marketing Q&A with marketing expert Ross Kramer

By Susan Delly December 28, 2012 Email Marketing is a powerful tool that, when used right, can be an easily affordable way to keep in touch with your clients and create a loyal fan base.  There are many different strategies associated with email marketing however so we’ve gotten in touch with some experts at Listrak to answer some basic questions ... Read More »

How Analytics Can Help Your Online Store

By the ZippyCart content team December 19, 2012 In order to maintain the health of your online store, you need to keep a close watch on the analytics of your e-commerce site. There are several software solutions that you can use to track valuable statistics of your site. One of the best, however, is Google Analytics. This is an enterprise-class ... Read More »

7 Ways to Pick the Right Merchant Account Provider

By Mike Ward December 10, 2012 Merchant Account Due Diligence The decision to choose a merchant account provider should not be treated as a flippant one. Truthfully, an ill-chosen merchant provider has the power to do considerable damage to a small business. Fortunately, if one conducts proper due diligence, then finding the right merchant account provider is simply a matter ... Read More »

Hosted vs. Licensed Shopping Cart Software – which is better for your online store?

By Jordan Foutz, eCom expert of PinnacleCart.com October 22, 2012 In the realm of eCommerce software there are two basic options to decide between: lease a hosted solution or purchase the licensed version. For those that don’t know, licensed shopping cart users pay a one-time fee to “license” the software and then install it on a web server so they ... Read More »

How to Find the Right Merchant Account Service

By Mike Ward Sept 24, 2012 How to Find the Right Merchant Account Service A wise man once said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.”  In business, the main thing is consistently generating more revenue than you spend each month.  Of course, there are a multitude of business plan components that work together to ... Read More »

Hosted eCommerce Solutions That Will Make Your Store an Online Success

By Susan D Sept 24, 2012 There is so much competition in today’s world of shopping cart solutions. With over 300 eCommerce companies to choose from… how does an online merchant know which one will be best for their business needs? Well, here at ZippyCart, we’ve been researching eCommerce solution software all year and have a list of what we ... Read More »

What Features Do You Really Need in an eCommerce Solution?

By the ZippyCart Content Team Sept 21, 2012 Choosing the right ecommerce solution can be difficult for any business. There are hundreds of solutions available, each with different features — some of which seem like necessities, and some of which you may never use. So, what do you really need in an ecommerce platform? Here’s a quick guide to finding ... Read More »