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Research and Development

Survey: Retail-Integrated Ecommerce Solution Boost Sales

August 5, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team A new survey recently released by Shopatron shows that businesses with retail-integrated ecommerce solutions show better sales overall. The survey, entitled the “2011 Retailer eCommerce Study” was powered by responses from almost 1,000 Shopatron users and remained consistent with prior-year findings that showed the same thing: using their integrated-retail ecommerce solution boosts ... Read More »

No Airline Ticket Tax – Give That Money Back Delta!

August 3, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team As most of you know, the United States is having a small problem with the its debt. However there is some good news for consumers. Airline tickets are pretty much always bought on ecommerce solutions, and that’s still the case. But in the wake of recent government budget issues, some things are ... Read More »

Google Page Speed Service Will Streamline Your Ecommerce Solution

July 29, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team It’s no secret: the speed in which a website loads can severely affect sales and page impressions. A recent survey found that 40% of shoppers are most influenced by site speed, and Amazon also found that for every 100ms in load time, sales decreased by 1%. The primary culprit for decreased speed ... Read More »

Gartner: 141 Million Mobile Payment Users Worldwide

July 22, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Gartner recently released a report regarding worldwide mobile payments, showing that by the end of 2011 there will be 141 million mobile payment users around the globe. This is a 38 percent increase from 2010. Last year, mobile payment users reached 102.1 million. Worldwide mobile payment volume is forecast to total $86.1 ... Read More »

Audiosocket Makes Music Licensing Easier Than Ever

July 20, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team The music licensing agent Audiosocket has been around for about three years now. If you have just bought a Spotify account, don’t panic – this isn’t for you. Audiosocket has just released a new service that they like to call “music as a service” (MaaS). This was designed to help developers of ... Read More »

Survey: Page Speed Affects Consumer Shopping Carts

July 19, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team It’s a fact: Consumers trying to add items to their shopping cart get frustrated when the webpage takes a long time to load. According to TagMan.com, providers of ecommerce solutions are concerned about the speed in which their web pages load, and are taking action to streamline their business pages. New survey ... Read More »

Miami Residents Shop Online The Most

July 14, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Bundle.com recently did a research project (not the high school kind) that combed through ecommerce solutions to find out which city makes the most purchases and spends the most money online. Miami took first place in the race,  spending 5.6 times the average US city on online shopping (Manhattan came in second ... Read More »

Rdio vs. Spotify – What’s The Difference?

July 13, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Last Wednesday the blogosphere blew up because Spotify is coming across the pond to the United States. Rdio.com on the other hand, has been in the US and Canada for quite some time now, but not many people are talking about it. Most people have never even heard of Rdio and don’t know ... Read More »

TapJoy Lands $30M In Funding – Switches Focus

July 7, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team TapJoy, a leading developer of mobile games, has announced that they have raised $30 million in Series D funding.  The funding round was led by JP Morgan, and also had some of TapJoy’s previous investors, namely Rho Ventures and North Bridge Ventuer Partners. Just six months ago the mobile gaming ecommerce solution ... Read More »

Pew Shows E-Reader Ownership Doubles In Six Months

June 28, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Pew, a tech research firm, recently surveyed adults in the United States on whether or not they own a tablet or e-reader. The study showed that 12% of adults own an e-reader, while only 8% own a tablet. Six months ago only 6% percent owned an e-reader. This means ownership doubled in ... Read More »