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Re-engage Your Visitors Using Remarketing and Google Analytics

By Ricky Tsao March 20, 2013 A lot of small to medium businesses consider paid advertising for their online marketing purposes. Typically, an SMB would use a service like Google AdWords. However, the reality is that it can cost a lot to get enough conversions (number of sales, or goals, divided by visits) so you may want to look at ... Read More »

Payroll Software Programs: Making Your Life Easier

By Debbie Allen March 18, 2013 Businesses of all sizes can use payroll software programs to handle the processing and calculations of its payroll. In addition to computing payrolls, these software programs can also be used to keep accurate records. In other words, payroll software programs streamline the payroll process. Even in large companies, the programs make the task of ... Read More »

Top 10 Ecommerce Trends of 2013

By Kinjal Adeshara March 11, 2013 “Ecommerce” will continue to be a buzz word in 2013 and while this comes as no surprise, what needs to be seen is what will be the trends that will power this domain. Ecommerce will definitely evolve as it did in the past years but this evolutionary process is going to accelerate. More Personalized ... Read More »

Smoothing the Path to Purchase

By Paul Rufus March 4, 2013 On a regular basis, I’m asked to evaluate a prospective clients’ e-commerce store. Often they are frustrated by lower than expected conversion rates or declining sales. Question number one tends to be something along the lines of why have you designed and built your e-commerce store? Question two: So, why have you made it ... Read More »

Responsive Web Design 101

By Matt DeLong, CEO of CoreCommerce Feb 25, 2013 The use of tablets or smartphones to surf online has been a driving force for a movement in web development called responsive design. Simply put, responsive design is a single web design that adapts itself to multiple screen sizes, no matter which type of device, tablet or smartphone is used. According ... Read More »

Three eCommerce Metrics Not to Forget

By Stitch Labs Febuary 18, 2013 As a small owner business owner, it can be difficult to sift out what metrics you should be focusing on in your business and what you should leave to your accountant. Most eCommerce options do an excellent job keeping track of metrics, including conversion, cart abandonment, and overall profit, to help you gauge the ... Read More »

How Confident Are Your Customers? How Trustmarks can help merchants build trust and increase sales

By Sarah Grayson Febuary 11, 2013    The eCommerce industry has grown tremendously in the last few years, with online sales surpassing $40 Billion dollars for the first time this holiday season. However, as more and more businesses take advantage of the eCommerce marketplace, cyber criminals are following suit. There were a number of high profile breaches in 2012 alone, ... Read More »

What Will 2013 Bring for Online Video?

By Kelly Ford January 14, 2013 The last 12 months have been pivotal for the US online video industry.  The following State of Video in E-Commerce  infographic is a compilation of US online video industry key trends and metrics, as well as outlook and perspective for 2013. The collective findings and data shared in this report are sourced from industry leaders ... Read More »

Duplicate Content and eCommerce Websites: how to optimize your ecommerce website for SEO

By Stanley Harper January 14, 2013 A year later… many ecommerce websites are still suffering. Google released the Panda update back in February 2011 and this was an attempt by the search engine to get rid of web spam and link farms. However, in its aftermath, a huge majority of those hit, apart from the link farms were legitimate ecommerce ... Read More »

How to Power Up Your eCommerce Sales: Persist; Don’t Intrude

By Craig Fox, Founder of PinnacleCart January 7, 2013 It’s clear that more than 71% of customers abandon shopping carts.  We only have to look at the combined findings from Forrester’s Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment Report[1] and The Science of Shopping Cart Abandonment research report to understand the facts behind that.  Those reports will show us that customers leave for a ... Read More »