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Kiip and Zynga and iPhone 4S, Oh My! Mobile Gaming Developments

October 13, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team The world of mobile gaming is expanding all the time, along with mobile commerce and, well, everything mobile. There are tips and tricks all over for improving your mobile-optimized website and ensuring customer satisfaction and ease of use with your m-commerce platform. Everyone is getting involved, and with good reason–10% of visits ... Read More »

Kiip: Set a Guinness World Record with Your Mobile Gaming Skills

September 29, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team “What does ‘high score’ mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?” – Grandma’s Boy One of the great pinnacles for every gamer out there is to rank the highest score in a video-game, to be the top player in every war-of-angry-worldcraft-super-mario-birds game out there. ... Read More »

Netflix CEO Explains Separation Of Services

September 20, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Millions of Netflix subscribers received an apologetic email early Monday morning from Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of the company. The email is a slightly briefer version of a post from Hastings on Netflix’s blog that provides a lengthy apology for the lack of communication to subscribers about changes that the company ... Read More »

Bam! Pow! Biff! Boom! DC Universe Online Goes ‘Freemium’

September 20, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team In a world wide web far, far away the gaming realm was at odds with the villains and the superheros of the DC Universe battling amongst themselves for something, something about the darkside. Okay, maybe the sci-fi/comic references are a bit crossed here, however game boys and fan boys are seeing these ... Read More »

Look Out For Location-Based Mobile Gaming

September 15, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Red Robot Labs, creators of the Life is Crime app, is a start-up devoted to developing games that realize the potential of location-based mobile gaming. Players in “Life is Crime” can fight each other at real locations on their city’s map for control of properties in battles where the winner is determined ... Read More »

What Are People Buying on Mobile Game Ecommerce Solutions?

August 17, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team The rise of smartphones (and tablets, sure…) has also meant the rise of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is this weird avenue of both social and casual games (indeed, most social games would be considered “casual,” by video gaming’s previous ruling class of console and PC gamers). People use their mobile phones for ... Read More »

Google+ Unleashes GAMES!

August 15, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team We love online games here at Zippycart. And while we never (EVER!) play games on company time, we do use company time to research the latest trends in video games of all kinds. One trend we’ve paid especially close attention to has been “freemium,” the practice of selling virtual items via in-game ... Read More »

EA and Popcap Games Relationship Develops

August 12, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Last month EA games, one of the largest video game developers in the US, acquired Popcap games, which Barry Cottle, executive vice president of EA Interactive, referred to in a recent interview as “the Pixar of the social games space.” With praise like that, it’s easy to see why EA would stand ... Read More »

Zynga – Social Gaming Giant – Having Legal Woes

August 2, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team A little while back we discussed Zynga filing for their initial public offering to help raise $1 billion. They were (and still are) in the middle of a lawsuit with Vostu, in which Zynga is the plaintiff. The social gaming ecommerce solution is now in another legal battle, but this time they’re ... Read More »

Zynga and Cityville Venture to China – Without Facebook!

July 29, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team How do you say “Cha-ching!” in Chinese (and in which dialect)? Zynga, whose massively popular social games are a hit on Facebook for computers and mobile devices alike, is launching its hottest game – “Cityville” – in China. Who won’t be there? Facebook. The world’s most popular social network is banned in ... Read More »