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The Benefits of Tablet POS

You walk into a store and are greeted by a customer service representative with a smile on their face, holding a tablet POS device. “How can I help you?” they ask.  And this time they really mean it. Retail sales in particular are being positively impacted by use of tablet devices for onsite payment processing, also known as Tablet POS, ... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Develop a Custom Ecommerce Site? (infographic)

By Kinjal Adeshara March 25, 2013 Nowadays, small and large product based business need ecommerce sites. In 2013, will be flooded with new technologies and it’s important to make sure you online business pages shine. Ecommerce websites will only be considered well structured when users can search for a product easily with smooth navigation. Having a custom ecommerce site will help ... Read More »

How Confident Are Your Customers? How Trustmarks can help merchants build trust and increase sales

By Sarah Grayson Febuary 11, 2013    The eCommerce industry has grown tremendously in the last few years, with online sales surpassing $40 Billion dollars for the first time this holiday season. However, as more and more businesses take advantage of the eCommerce marketplace, cyber criminals are following suit. There were a number of high profile breaches in 2012 alone, ... Read More »

What Will 2013 Bring for Online Video?

By Kelly Ford January 14, 2013 The last 12 months have been pivotal for the US online video industry.  The following State of Video in E-Commerce  infographic is a compilation of US online video industry key trends and metrics, as well as outlook and perspective for 2013. The collective findings and data shared in this report are sourced from industry leaders ... Read More »

Discount Trends… get the inside scoop

By Catherine Gluckstein Sept 3, 2012 We all know that the winter holidays are the busiest shopping period of the year and the time that retailers offer the biggest discounts, but did you know Tuesdays were the day to find the best deals?  There are many surprising, less obvious discount trends that can help small online businesses compete with the big ... Read More »

Summer Selling…. Get the Inside Track

By Catherine Gluckstein, Business Development for SumAll July 6th, 2012 Are you interested in learning how online customers behave when the summer months roll around?  For those of you with seasonal businesses, this may be something you already expect, but others will likely be surprised to uncover that the behavior shifts in online buying apply to ALL types of businesses. Some ... Read More »

Languages of the Web: appealing to a global market

By Matt Bramowicz June 6, 2012 For many years, English has been the predominate language of web content.  English speaking viewers made up the majority of the browsing audience, and there was never any need for businesses to extend beyond their native language clientele. In recent years, however, online trends are shifting to a more diverse global audience.  As the ... Read More »

What Happens When You Swipe Your Credit Card?

Credit Card Swipe

April 14th, 2012 By Susan Delly What happens when you buy something online?  To the average consumer, it’s a simple process of adding an item to the virtual shopping cart and pressing the ‘buy now’ button… but what really happens? The truth is, your simple check-out process is a series of steps that go through several different processes before it’s ... Read More »

Holiday Survey by Alibaba Suggests E-tailer Optimism

November 17, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team E-tailers are more optimistic this holiday season, according to a holiday survey conducted by Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the largest business-to-business online marketplaces and owns Vendio and Auctiva, both of which provide online merchants with ecommerce software solutions. Alibaba recently conducted a survey of over 1200 online merchants to gain an ... Read More »

Infographic: The Age of the Ecommerce Geek

It used to be that the world was run by the guys with big personalities, great looks, and a good golf swing.  That said, the Internet has changed all that, thanks to a little (OK big) thing called ecommerce.  The world of ecommerce has become a wonderland of success for the geeks and nerds of our time.  Now it matters ... Read More »