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2015 eCommerce Trends to Watch Closely

2015 eCommerce Trends

2015 is getting well underway so what’s next for the eCommerce world?  Let’s take a look at the top 2015 eCommerce Trends to find out… The eCommerce industry is already huge, and continues to grow steadily. By the end of 2015, the US-based eCommerce is projected to reach a whooping $350 billion in sales. It’s quite evident that shopping from our ...

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The Twitter Commerce Buy Button: What You Need to Know

twitter commerce

Would you like to shop and sell through Twitter Commerce? If you said ‘Yes’, and the idea sounds quite interesting, you’re time has come. Recently, Twitter announced their newest feature – the ‘Buy’ button. Welcome to Twitter Commerce.  This step will boost its e-commerce strategy while ramping up advertising revenues. If you’re an ecommerce business owner or run an online store, this ...

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Ensuring That Your eCommerce Site is Tablet Compatible

According to recent data, nearly one-third of Internet users now own a tablet. By next year, it’s expected to be nearly half. The people who own them tend to purchase more items and tend to be more loyal customers. If you sell online, making sure your eCommerce site is tablet compatible is an absolute must. Follow this guide to getting ...

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What to Look For in an eCommerce Dashboard

By Lanette Willis May 6, 2013 It’s become standard these days for eCommerce shopping cart platforms to have some kind of eCommerce dashboard feature. So standard in fact, that it’s easy to assume every eCommerce dashboard is basically the same, and to overlook the true power and convenience that can be offered by this tool. Not all eCommerce dashboards out there ...

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The Get Up and Get Mobile Checklist

Go you need help breaking into the mobile commerce arena? Our Get Up and Get Mobile checklist will help you take the task on! Get off the computer and take your business mobile! My friend owns a restaurant, and he’s struggling. After enjoying dinner there last week, he sat at my table and talked about the typical problems he’s facing ...

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Top 10 Ecommerce Trends of 2013

By Kinjal Adeshara March 11, 2013 “Ecommerce” will continue to be a buzz word in 2013 and while this comes as no surprise, what needs to be seen is what will be the trends that will power this domain. Ecommerce will definitely evolve as it did in the past years but this evolutionary process is going to accelerate. More Personalized ...

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How Analytics Can Help Your Online Store

By the ZippyCart content team December 19, 2012 In order to maintain the health of your online store, you need to keep a close watch on the analytics of your e-commerce site. There are several software solutions that you can use to track valuable statistics of your site. One of the best, however, is Google Analytics. This is an enterprise-class ...

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Tech Trends in Holiday Shopping [infographic]

NBRI - Tech Trends in Holiday Shopping

By the National Business Research Institute December 10, 2012 This year 1.4 billion dollars was spent only for Cyber Monday.  This was more than 30% higher than last year’s Cyber Monday.  We wanted to take a look at some of the other tech trends during the holidays and found three on the rise: spending more time on bargain hunting, more ...

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5 Video Tips to Prepare E-Commerce Sites for the Holiday Season

By Kelly Ford November 5th, 2012 Smart applications of online video foster the highest levels of brand engagement and deliver on key performance marketing objectives, so the holidays are the perfect time for retailers to invest in video and leverage it across all channels, from website, to email communications, to advertising campaigns. This upcoming holiday season eMarketer predicts online retail ...

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