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Utilizing Instagram to Increase Your Online Business’s Reach

According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. The average attention span of a human is eight seconds. This is why your business needs Instagram. Why Instagram Works Instagram is tailored to fit the image-conscious audiences of today. People are bombarded with information coming at them from every direction. Instagram appeals because its interface ... Read More »

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for E-Commerce Business Owners

By the ZippyCart eCom team May 7, 2013 Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are growing their active users count by millions. The number of active users on Facebook has totaled up to 700 million while Google+ has 300 million of them. Twitter is also not far behind with around 200 million active users. Certainly, social media ... Read More »

13 Social Media Tips for Start-Ups in 2013

By the ZippyCart eCom Team January 9, 2013 The social media landscape has changed quite a lot over the last one year. While there are many start-ups that have yet to embrace social media, you should gear up, anticipate current trends and include social media into your overall marketing plan as soon as possible. To develop a powerful social strategy, ... Read More »

The eCom Trends That Will Continue into 2013

By the ZippyCart content team December 12, 2012 There are two ways to look at the rapid growth of ecommerce. On one hand, it allows online entrepreneurs the opportunity to make big profits. On the other, it has the potential to send brick-and-mortar businesses to the poor house. Hopefully, you fall into the first category and are getting the most ... Read More »

Is Twitter the eCommerce Tool of the Future?

By Al Natanagara Sept 10, 2012 Ah, Twitter. It can get a person out of a pre-Arab Spring Egyptian jail, inform the world of a covert operation against a terrorist leader in real time, and even tell the twitterverse what’s for dinner–complete with photos of a mouth-watering BakedAlaska! It is truly amazing what millions of Earthlings can do with a ... Read More »

How to Get Your E-Commerce Products in Front of Facebook Users

By the ZippyCart content team August 23, 2012 As the owner of an e-commerce site, you spend your day acquiring products, marketing them beautifully, targeting your customer base, and fulfilling sales. You don’t have time to mess around on Facebook. If you feel this way, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to boost your bottom line. Facebook ... Read More »

Ecommerce Company “Limited Run” Not Happy with Facebook Advertising — Should You Be Unhappy, Too?

By Amanda Click Aug 22, 2012 User beware: Facebook’s advertising system may be taking a bite out of your wallet. The perks of advertising on Facebook, the world’s leading social networking site, might seem like a no-brainer for businesses hoping to reach a target audience. A few thousand dollars well-spent could garner tens of thousands of click-throughs a month, resulting ... Read More »

Social Gifting: friend or foe to the small business owner?

May 5th, 2012 By Susan D Other than being the newest online buzz, what is social gifting? Social Gifting is an interesting new marketing idea that can be used in 2 ways. It can help a group of friends to get together and give a large gift card for a someone’s upcoming celebration (instead of everyone buying individual gifts) or, ... Read More »

The Interest in Pinterest: a guide for online marketing, traffic and eCommerce

March 5, 2012 By Susan D There’s a new player in town, a traffic-driving heavy hitter that goes by the name of Pinterest.com. If you haven’t heard of it already, you soon will. Social media-minded eCommerce owners may be especially interested as Pinterest can help market their online store. In fact, some small business owners have reported a sales increase of up to ... Read More »

Walmart Enters F-Commerce Scene With ShopyCat

December 5, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Walmart, one of the highest grossing retailers on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, last week launched a holiday shopping gift-guide application on Facebook called Shopycat. Created by @WalmartLabs, Walmart’s tech shop in the Silicon Valley, the app is designed to help users with often difficult task of Christmas shopping for friends. ... Read More »