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Five Mistakes eMerchant Make While Following a Millennial’s Approach To Success

mistakes emerchants make

Are errors consistent and easy to pick-up on or are they everchanging?  It’s actually a combination of both, which is why you should stay informed on the mistakes eMerchants make while following a millennial’s approach to success. With the eldest baby boomers turning 71 this year, the spending power that once remained in their hands has faded and shifted to the ...

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How Knowledge Base Software Can Reduce Your eCommerce Costs

knowledge base software

Can Knowledge Based Software help reduce your eCommerce costs? Tech Support Executive and Expert Robin Singh says it does… here’s his take. When it comes to running your business, you need to use software programs that can help you trim the cost of running your operations. Great software can help you out by keeping things organized & making processes easier ...

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What is Making These eCommerce Products Top Sellers for 2016?

ecommerce products

Why are these eCommerce Products so Hot in 2016? Are you selling online, or considering getting into the internet retail market?  With the total eCommerce sales in the United States alone projected to surpass $550 dollars in 2016, the online market is full of opportunities for an online store owner, no matter what level of experience they have. Whether you’re the ...

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Security Threats and How Online Retailers Deal With Them

Security Threats

Why do retailers face persistent security threats and how should they address the problem… especially over the holidays? The holiday season is upon us, which means that millions of Americans are about to spend a boatload of money buying gifts online. Unfortunately, it also means hackers are ready to mobilize. E-commerce is no stranger to the risks posed by hackers ...

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Are Customers Accepting Data Breaches as the New Norm?

data breaches

Are online shoppers so used to Data Breaches that they are considering them the new norm? For many people, data breaches have become a regular news occurrence.  They’re now as common as natural disasters and street crime, making them a fact to ignore until it happens to them personally. Yet business owners need to keep in account the various threats out ...

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3 Specific SEO Strategies That Lead to Success

SEO Strategies

Are you looking for specific SEO Strategies that lead to success? One of the problems with SEO is there is so much “stuff” that gets done, an online company can’t help but wonder which activities are getting results and which are just busywork. At a strategic level, every e-commerce SEO campaign has certain must-do activities, and other nice-to-do-if-we-can-afford-it-and-and-have-time-to-do activities.  Here ...

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Here’s the Skinny on Pinterest’s New Buyable Pins

buyable pins

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’re going to be thrilled, and disappointed, with the newest development in from their visually stunning platform…. Buyable Pins.  Has the idea of using Pinterest for direct product purchase crossed your mind before?  If it has, your dream has come true, with certain restrictions. The social pinning site has finally come out with its buy button ...

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How is the Amazon Effect Affecting Retail Shipping?

amazon effect

Since its beginning in 1994, Amazon has quickly risen from an online book retailer to a store that sells everything imaginable- hence, their nickname of “The Everything Store.” Their meteoric rise has expanded past their own success to affect the entire e-commerce industry, from shipping and trucking to the decline of brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks in part to Amazon and other ...

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Business Email: the best transactional practices (infographic)

Business Email

Every business email you send out, from a receipt to a welcome email, has the potential to convert.  Do yours? You may already be engaging with your target audience or existing customers through email, but are you optimizing each email you send out? You should look at every ecommerce email as an opportunity to win over your customers a little more, convincing them to continue ...

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Tips For Making Your Small E-commerce Website Standout

small e-commerce website

Making your small e-commerce website standout is not easy with today’s competition so, how do you compete? E-commerce is a growing industry but it’s beginning to become apparent that the shift towards online purchasing is feeding big business and beginning to make it hard for the small online store to succeed.  With the competition so fierce, it’s important for small online ...

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