What is Making These eCommerce Products Top Sellers for 2016?

Why are these eCommerce Products so Hot in 2016?

Are you selling online, or considering getting into the internet retail market?  With the total eCommerce sales in the United States alone projected to surpass $550 dollars in 2016, the online market is full of opportunities for an online store owner, no matter what level of experience they have. Whether you’re the owner of an existing online store or plan to set up a new eCommerce business, you have hundreds of thousands, even millions of products to choose from. However, it’s crucial to choose those products that carry a high profit margin and will be in high demand this year and ahead. Fortunately, there are ways to predict which products will be hot to see online in 2016. There are scores of eCom experts on the subject and with a constant eye on the market, they have great recommendations for SMB owners across the globe.

ecommerce products
Follow the trends in eCommerce products to become an internet selling success!

So, what’s the word?  Which, of the millions available, are the products that will sell like hotcakes this year? Given below is a list of product categories that are predicted to stay on top, and will continue to explode in growth over 2016.

  1. Outdoor Gear and Apparel As more and more people start to indulge in sports activities like hiking, camping, biking, skiing, snowboarding and paddling (among others), the demand for outdoor gear and clothing is rapidly increasing. Online stores selling men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing to participate in these outdoor activities are projected to witness huge growth in 2016. According to Rick Kenney of Demandware, visit spend on eCommerce sites selling outdoor gear and apparel is up by 11%.
  2. E-Learning Products Ecommerce products are seeing great opportunity in the e-learning category are also projected to grow hugely. As we shift to a knowledge-based economy, the requirement for professional development is also increasing. Regardless of the field or industry, people are looking for easy options to upgrade their niche skills. The best part about e-learning products is that they have a high profit margin. All you need to do is create your content, and your digital products are raring to go – providing you a great return on investment.
  3. Baby Care Products Babies (and their parents) continue to offer huge sales opportunities for eCommerce businesses. Not just biggies like Amazon and eBay, but a number of small businesses have effectively tuned into this category to increase sales. Buyers need more options where they can get ‘healthy’ and ‘environment-friendly’ baby products. In 2016, the total sales in the baby care category is projected to reach $50 billion.
  4. ecommerce productsPet Care Products The total sales in the pet care category in the United States has shot up by $2 billion. There are plenty of pet care products you can choose to sell – flea/tick control, shampoos, conditioners, colognes, skin products, treats, food supplement. Since Americans continue to spend more on the well-being of their pets, eCommerce products in this category are projected to explode in the near future.
  5. Furniture and Home Goods For the last couple of years, furniture and home goods category has lagged behind as compared to other hot selling products. However, consumers have recently shown growing interest in buying furniture items online. Improved graphical presentation, free delivery and hassle-free return policies are a few of the strongest reasons for this recent shift in consumers’ buying behavior. In 2014, the furniture category emerged as an eCommerce winner and the trend has continued through 2015. Therefore, analysts predict that furniture and home goods will be hot to sell in 2016 too.
  6. Hand-Crafted Products People like to buy handmade products or local produce for a number of reasons. First – they’re more environmentally sustainable. Second – they’re more valuable in the society. Third – they help communities. You can guess why Etsy went public and why Amazon recently launched Amazon Handmade! There are multiple creative DIY entrepreneurs who turned their passion into successful handmade goods business. Coralie (Coralie Reiter Jewelry), Robin (Fitzy), and Valerie (Walnut Studiolo) have set excellent examples for aspirers to follow. If you plan to achieve success with your e-commerce business, you should definitely consider selling handmade items of art and craft. Higher quality and more attention to detail is what keeps them in demand.

What eCommerce products have you been following in 2016?  Let us know, in the comment section below!

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