FoodMe: Changing The Way People Eat, One deal At a Time

April 4, 2011
By the ZippyCart Content Team

Though the economy is steadily nursing itself back to health and consumers are slowly beginning to spend their money a bit more freely, the temptation of a good deal will always be a welcome endeavor. This is especially true when the deals involve food.

FoodMe is a new deal site and mobile app that offers real time deals for consumers looking find a new place to eat while at the same time giving restaurants the opportunity to fill a few empty seats.

The idea for FoodMe came from Idealab’s John Delacruz who was intrigued by the concept of Priceline’s business model, which matches price to demand. Thinking the concept could be applied to restaurant industry, Delacruz, with the support system and resources of Idealab, quickly turned FoodMe into a working model.

All the consumer does is tell FoodMe what they’re in the mood for and instantly the site brokers a custom-tailored deal with restaurants that match their taste. The deal can be instantly redeemed and is valid for the next few hours after it’s purchased.

“Every time you want to go out to eat, you can see who is willing to offer you a deal in exchange for your business. FoodMe is something that lets people save money, live more spontaneously, and try new things every time they are looking for a meal,” said Will Dennis at FoodMe headquarters.

For restaurants, FoodMe provides a new way to manage the demand curve by driving new customers only when they’re needed. The restaurants are able to control the time period in which the deals are offered, either by the day or the hour. This clever model allows them to control the number of customers that can take advantage of the offered deal.

FoodMe has provided a fresh new idea into a market that is saturated with daily deal sites. It’s an ingenious tool that gives consumers the opportunity to be spontaneous and check out new restaurants that they would otherwise overlook. On the same token, it gives restaurants the power to offer deals at their own discretion.

Currently FoodMe is only offered in select areas around Los Angeles, but the company hopes that they will soon turn the concept into a nationwide phenomenon. So be on the look out for a FoodMe near you, because as they say: “FoodMe will change the way you eat.”

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