How Confident Are Your Customers? How Trustmarks can help merchants build trust and increase sales

By Sarah Grayson
Febuary 11, 2013 


The eCommerce industry has grown tremendously in the last few years, with online sales surpassing $40 Billion dollars for the first time this holiday season. However, as more and more businesses take advantage of the eCommerce marketplace, cyber criminals are following suit. There were a number of high profile breaches in 2012 alone, with countless financial records exposed as a result. The prevalence of phishing scams and bogus websites has led consumers to be more uncertain than ever about the security of the websites they interact with and buy from. Building trust is one of the greatest challenges for merchants today, and because of this, businesses must find ways to assuage doubts and keep financial information secure.

This is where Trustmarks come in. Generally taking the form of a living icon or logo on your website, Trustmarks can help convince wary shoppers that your site is secure, as well as provide additional benefits like vulnerability scanning and SSL encryption. When it comes to eCommerce, consumer trust can mean the difference between success and failure, and when achieved, is what will ultimately turn a browser into a buyer. In this infographic, McAfee SECURE breaks down Trustmarks by the numbers and illustrates potential consequences of not having them on your site.
Guest author Sarah Grayson is the Senior Marketing Manager for the Web Security Group. She has over 15 years of experience in high technology sales and marketing. Sarah focuses on the ecommerce community and network of partners in the hosting, SEO and website design market. She has been with McAfee for over 5 years and works extensively with the internal sales and engineering teams to promote safe shopping and provide knowledge and guidance around PCI and website vulnerability scanning.

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  1. That hits the spot! I think setting up my website with the necessary security is expensive but it can build customer’s trust.

    • There are so many top quality hosted eCom solutions that offer top of the line security for free now. Unless you are running your own solution, security shouldn’t be expensive. Check out the ZippyCart top carts for the best and most reasonably priced companies that you can trust with your online store’s security.

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