How Infographics Changed Global E-Commerce Market Growth

Infographics are a fun way to promote your online store.Infographics outline the opportunities for global e-commerce.

Infographics outline the opportunities for global e-commerce.

In recent hard days of the economic recession, e-commerce was still one of the biggest sources of trade for many countries. Next year is set to be a turning-point with the highest predicted growth through e-commerce in six nations; Brazil, Russia, China, Italy, France and India.

What are infographics and what do they do? 

Infographics give people visual figures of data, information and facts on a variety of subjects. Many are drawn to infographics in our day-to-day readings for their ease-of-use. For instance, newspapers publish weather information and other pertinent statistical data using infographics. There are also modern maps that give routes as transit information, using infographics. In a nutshell, infographics provide complex information quickly and clearly by using shapes, signs, maps, technical writing and journalism to help the reader take in information and make decisions.

Infographics in relation to e-commerce

Infographics are the newest trend in information sharing.  In the past years, retailers of several leading nations have begun targeting overseas markets with great success, using infographics to appeal to an international audience. Due to the slow economy at home, the foreign retailers use overseas markets as potential new places for on-line retailing. Infographics also play an important role in foreign sales by informing the retailers about the potential of the overseas by reporting the average online spending of foreign buyers.  This helps retailers make decisions and focus on new markets.

Infographics can help predict future needs  

When infographics data is laid out in the proper manner, it can help e-merchants set and achieve business goals based on past performance and future expectations.  Online retailing is already considered an effective medium and is tremendously successful for achieving business goals but it’s potential is not yet fully recognized by many small entrepreneurs and retailers across the world.

Infographics help in distribution of information

When you have great amounts of information that you’d like to get across but don’t want to write a boring article, infographics can get your point across in a more fun manner.  For example, they can be used instead of boring graphs to tell a retailer about the purchase behavior of people and what their target audience would be interested in buying. Infographics give accurate graphic data about the most boring details and make them fun. Their look and delivery of information can tell a lot about the brand behind them as well as the market they’re projecting for.  Demographics, habits and consumption patterns of people are all taken in at a glance with these graphic tools and people enjoy their simplicity.

E-commerce is emerging slowly as the future of global trading and infographics are helping that trend by being easy to understand across international markets.  Distance and languages are quickly becoming unimportant as the need for accurate and easy-to-understand research grows.  Infographics are the perfect tool for global trading.  In fact, this article would have been better… in an infographic form!

Guest author Diana Maria is a freelance content writer and a blogger with over 2 years’ experience. She consults at and can be found designing web apps prototypes. 





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