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By the ZippyCart Content Team
October 24, 2012
Occasionally the team here at ZippyCart come across a specific strategy that we really feel will help our eMerchant readers bring more success to their online store.  This is one such an example.  It is a conference call with ShoppingCartElite’s owner Igor Soshkin and one of his clients; they are discussing the importance of increasing conversion rates and touching on issues like paying for advertising but not getting much from the investment.
To begin, a bit of history from Soshkin…

In 2001, I started my first ecommerce business, and for the next decade I went through the school of hard knocks. It took me four years to break into my first million in sales, and it took me a decade to understand how to do it over and over again with very little risk and without losing any money while doing it.

I get this told me to a lot, “I am not making any sales”, or “I am not making enough sales to make this worth it”, or “I need more traffic”, or “Why is my business not successful”.

Every time, when I review the clients website and try to answer that question, I get overwhelmed at how much information I would need to tell them.

So this time, I had a good client of mine tell me that his sales are not good enough to keep spending time on his website and I decided to really dig deep into “WHY” and record the meeting with this client.

If you are not making at least one million and up in sales annually, you are not implementing the majority of the strategies that your ecommerce website needs. If you are barely making any sales, you are probably not implementing any of the strategies that I explain in the video.

I dare you to stop what your doing, and watch the conference call I had with this client to really understand the big picture behind your business. It is your business and your life on the line. The meeting is 50 minutes long and I split it into two videos.

Again YOU MUST WATCH THIS if you want to succeed, and more importantly you must do what I explain in the video.



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