How Knowledge Base Software Can Reduce Your eCommerce Costs

Can Knowledge Based Software help reduce your eCommerce costs? Tech Support Executive and Expert Robin Singh says it does… here’s his take.

When it comes to running your business, you need to use software programs that can help you trim the cost of running your operations. Great software can help you out by keeping things organized & making processes easier to follow. You can use knowledge base to keep it online and do the most with your business data. When prepared right, it will not be too hard to manage everything you’ve got.

By using knowledge base software, it will be easier for you to save money. You will easily get a better return on investment when you use such a program. You should also consider the expenses that can come with running a call center when it comes to how much you could save in the long run.

The Hidden Cost of Helping People

Having a call center can be a challenge to work with. There are many important things that have to consider when it comes to running a call center in lieu of having a knowledge base:

  •         A call center requires you to hire plenty of employees. In some cases you might have to outsource your talent just to make your call center available twenty-four hours a day.
  •         You will have to get new hires to learn more about what they have to do in a call center. This can take a while and will cost more money· You might be forced into more work than needed. This can come from hundreds or even thousands of calls going through on a weekly or monthly basis.
  •         The process of managing calls can take a while in many cases. Typical call center queries can take two to five minutes to handle with escalated cases taking at least ten minutes. These include cases where the details are complicated or difficult to handle.

The cost of running a call center will certainly be high. This is especially worse if the call center is dealing with lots of calls that are overly complicated.

Knowledge Base Software Helps You Answer These Questions Right Away

Knowledge base software can be useful for your demands in a way, as it can help you to answer questions and these can be answered without having to get people to answer the phone.

A knowledge base software program can help people out by offering more solutions related to fixing things. A program works by listing information on how to fix problems relating to a product or service. It can include plenty of contents based on what causes problems, how they are resolved and so forth.

A great knowledge base will not only be detailed but also available all day long. This means that people won’t have to call a help desk to get help. The reduced need for a call center makes it easier for you to save money.

What Can Your ROI Be?

The return on investment for your knowledge base software program will vary based on many factors. There are a few key points that will directly influence your ROI:

  • The number of customer service agents that you might hire without a knowledge base
  • The annual cost of each service agent you have; this can include the salary that you spend and the benefits associated with employment
  • Whether or not you use a customer service software program; it is cheaper to run a business with such a program, creating tickets and sending people to the right professionals
  • The total number of support tickets that are handled each year by your service software program.
  • The average cost per ticket; it might cost around $10 to $20 for each ticket with the more detailed ones costing even more

Considering all these expenses, there’s a good chance you might be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a call center. By giving people answers through an easier to handle knowledge base, you can save more money. This is to give you a better sense of control over your budget.

Improve Your Costs over Time

It is true that you will more than likely not get rid of a call center all the way through after using a knowledge base software program. There is always the potential for new problems to come about within a program. These problems will require you or others in the workplace to answer questions through a call center.

Of course, a knowledge base program will reduce the overall dependency that a business has. This is thanks to the base having more answers for people to work with. The added support that will come from your base will keep the burden on a call center from being too substantial.

This can work wonders if used for years at a time. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as you use this. This is thanks to the lack of a need to take in new tickets or to pay more people than what you can afford to handle.

You will still have to use some kind of a call center to get certain questions answered over time. This especially comes as new queries might come about over time based on what you are offering. With this in mind, you need to make sure you at least keep a small staff on hand.

Your call center staff will not be anywhere as near as bag as what you might have had before getting your knowledge base program up and running. Still, it helps to have one on hand just in case new problems come about. You can get your knowledge base updated when new things come about.

Knowledge base software can certainly be worthwhile for your needs when it comes to marketing yourself. A great software program can work wonders as it helps you to get information out quite well. This in turn makes it easier for you to succeed without forcing you to spend far too much money in the process.

Guest author Robin is a Technical Support Executive with a combined experience of 6 years. He currently works with Live2Support – a live customer and sales chat software by ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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  2. The biggest issue with outsourcing your customer support is not getting direct feedback where your business is lacking. Listening to what is happening at customer support is sometimes the key to improving your business.

    What helps businesses are NPS scores, and overall making sure that there’s no excuse for customers to not rave about the product and/or service they got from you. Another typical way to gain important insight is using BI and advanced reporting – sometimes one can find golden nuggets in the data.

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