5 Amazing Lead Generation Tactics Using Social Media

People are more addicted to social media than ever before. This is what makes it a perfect opportunity for lead generation.  Whether it’s a Facebook giveaway contest, Twitter @Mention, or Instagram Photo contest, people are participating in thousands.

The best way to convert them into your followers is to earn their trust. For that, you need to be different from your competitors. In this post, you’ll find five amazing lead generation ideas that can help take your marketing results to the next level.

Before that, make sure you know:

  • Where your target audiences are most active
  • What’s CTA
  • Your USP
  • Your KPIs
  • What you’re going  to promote and why

Knowing the basic game plan is the first step towards successful social media marketing. As we see, today every small business and brand is into social media marketing and there has been a lot of change in the way people advertise online and how customers respond to them. However, as more and more budding businesses jump into social media to promote their stuff, we could see QUALITY play a major role in differentiating the successful from unsuccessful marketing.

So, how do you take advantage of the multiple social media strategies and make your brand stand out? Here are a few tips that could help you to run a successful campaign and generate more leads on social media.

  1. Run a creative contest

lead generationOne of the fastest ways to boost the number of likes on a social media profile and generate more leads for email marketing is running a creative contest. There are different types of Instagram contests. Explore them and decide what contest you are going to hold. Use your own creativity and incorporate unique ideas to generate more likes for your updates. Form-filling is widely explored by most marketers. You can think of the same method but use a different approach. More likes equates to more activity on your page and ultimately helps generate more leads for your contest. Also, idigic has created an infographic social media services for business – a Factosocial 101 infographic, which helps you to grab the attention the online crowd.

Now with smartphones supporting gyroscopes, compasses, accelerometers, and several other hardware devices to detect movement and capture motion, it makes sense to run a creative campaign like “Shake and win”.

  1. Create a Quiz

Whether people know the answer or not, they all love participating in quiz contest. It’s fun and interactive and one strategy that is successfully used by the big brands. “Keep your audience guessing” is the mantra here. Select a topic relevant to your industry and something that the audience can relate to emotionally.

  • Use images for your quiz contest – Images capture the attention at first sight. Make use of catchy images to throw your question around on social media and grab your audience’s’ attention.
  • Keep it short and simple – Even when conducting quiz contest, the reason why a lot of businesses fail is because they shoot dozens of questions to their audience. People have less attention span these days, so make sure to ask less and entice them in less than eight seconds.
  1. Run a survey

Social media marketing success isn’t about talking to customers. It’s about making them talk about your business. That happens only by interacting with them and figuring out their needs. Other than websites, look out for popular surveys on other mediums like magazines and newspapers and see what gets the audience excited. Incorporating the traditional survey methods on social media might work in your favor considering that they were already well-received by the people.

Use survey generator tools like SurveyMonkey (offers both free and paid versions) and SurveyPlanet to strengthen your campaign.

  1. Setup a Gated Content

Even if you have been fairly successful with your lead generation campaign, it’s likely that you’re on the lookout for other techniques to improve your results. Gated content is one strategy just meant for that purpose. It includes form filling, surveys, procuring the email address of potential customers (like what we see in FB and LinkedIn), and mentioning your company name and contact details to entice customers to contact you.

Before you use gated content to generate more leads, remember two things:

  • Provide valuable content
  • Make your opt-in form short and simple with less questions
  1. Invest in Paid Social Ads

Successful advertising on social media isn’t just about posting dozens of updates relevant to your brand. It’s about getting the attention of your audience and making them to interact. On social media networks, higher engagement is what leads to brand recognition and loyalty.

Invest in social media Ads for better results. Facebook Ads are good for making your audience interact, Twitter advertising can help spread the word about your business, and LinkedIn Ads are a great option to promote targeted content and gain reputation as a thoughtful leader in your industry. Experiment with all major platforms to drive more results for your campaign.

The combination of gated content and contests works really well in social media marketing for lead generation. When used with the regular social media marketing tactics, it gives even better results.

No matter what the size of your business is, if you wish to drive quality leads then you must make it a point to promote your ads across multiple channels. Using social media management tools and cross-promoting across different networks (like promoting your Instagram contest on your Facebook page) are very effective when it comes to reaching out to more people and creating awareness among more potential customers.


With the quick change in online marketing trends in recent years, it makes sense to go with the trend and use smart tactics to gain more exposure. Lead generation often delivers the best results with the combined use of social media marketing and digital marketing automation tools. No matter what trends are introduced in the near future, social media is here to stay. We believe social networking will have a huge impact in the success of a company’s lead generation campaign.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other creative ideas for lead generation through social media campaigning? If so, please let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Guest author Nancy Grace is a social media writer at iDigic.net who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. Her articles predominantly focus on social media and are widely followed by readers from all over the world.

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