Help Your Online Store Stand Out and Be Remembered (in a Good Way)

By Susan Delly
November 8, 2012

In today’s competitive market, it’s important for your brand to be noticed and remembered, as long as it’s in a good way.  The proper website can help get the attention you deserve by attracting customers, increasing revenue and putting organic, word of mouth talk out about your company.  This type of website building is harder than it may seem, however, as every store will have different needs and different paths to success.  Like many other features in eCommerce, everything depends on your target audience as every different set of consumers will have different needs and wants.  That being said, after you determine your ideal customer grouping, there are some standard features that will help you make sure your business stands out from the rest!

  • A Professional Design– Making sure your website looks good at first glance can turn a browser into a shopper and instill a sense of trust.  To do this, you’ll need professionally designed templates or a web designer.  One of the worst things to encounter when shopping online is a site that looks sketchy or like it was built in the Miami Vice days.  If the web shop owner doesn’t care enough to keep their look and feel up-to-date… how can we trust that they are reliable and keep their security up-to-date?!  One of the top reasons for a high bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment and low revenue is an ugly, untrustworthy looking site.  This is an easy fix though as most hosted eCommerce solutions software offers free, built-in themes and templates that are professionally designed.
    CoreCommerce eCommerce software offers many free, professionally designed themes!
  • A Clean, Easy-to-Navigate Page Layout – Enough cannot be said about making sure your page has an uncomplicated layout.   Products and relevant information should be easy to search for and the shopping cart check-out process should alwaysbe quick and uncomplicated.  Never require registration to complete a purchase.  Instead, go for an onsite, 1-page check-out system and make sure you offer many payment options; this includes all major credit cards, PayPal and even possibly, Amazon Checkout!  If a shopper has a hard time finding the products they want or finds themselves in a lengthy sales process that asks too many questions, they are likely to leave your site with no sale completion.
    Nexternal‘s eCommerce solution offers a unique and extremely user-friendly On-Screen shopping cart. The cart automatically totals a purchase while you shop, reducing cart abandonment.
  • Sales and Promo – Who’s guilty of price shopping?  And when you find a great deal on a trustworthy site, do you share it with your friends?  Most people are more likely to shop and return to sites that offer good pricing and sales events.  Yes, almost everyone likes a good deal and luckily, nowadays there are many ways of delivering one.  You can promote coupon codes, free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free, and other incentives through outlets such as email, blogs, and social media.  If you set your store up with quality and customer needs in mind, you will drive traffic to your site with the sales and promotions you offer.  Once the traffic is there, a clear call to action is important to ensure easy navigation.  A call to action is usually a clickable button that draws user attention and encourages them to complete an action such as BUY NOW, READ MORE or REGISTER HERE.  Be sure to place them well and not overuse call of action buttons as they can make a site appear gimmicky, if used wrong.
  • An Interesting Logo – Since the beginning of commerce, kings and merchants alike have used methods such as seals, cattle brands, coins, statues, and other markings, in the same way that we use them today… as name or brand recognition.   Logos can provide immediate insight on what a company is about and give impressions of a brand’s style at a glance.  Best of all… logos lead to product recognition in a similar way that a catchy advertising song or motto would.  Because of this, it’s important to put some time into your logo and take advantage of all the branding opportunities it provides.  Think about what works for your target audience and create your logo around them, with an eye on the future.  We recommend that you seek professional guidance and even hire a graphic designer to create your logo.  After all, it’ll prove to be a major part of your brand recognition.
Top solutions like AShop Commerce can design custom logos for your online shop. Great logos are not cheap but are 100% worth the investment as they provide your company branding.

Pulling together a website is a complicated process that can be simplified with the help of hosted eCommerce solutions software.  Following these tips can help you stand out from the competition, be remembered and shared by your audience, and will put you on your way to becoming the next trend.



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