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Latest eCommerce News

Social Media in Simple English

By Igor Soshkin, CEO of ShoppingCartElite December 3, 2012 As a business owner, you typically rely on direct sales. You believe that you have products that people want to buy. You might pay Google, eBay, and Amazon to spread the word and bring visitors to your website who are ready to make a purchase.  So what’s missing? The long-term plan. Seth ... Read More »

5 Ways to Show Your Clients That Your Website is Secure

By Terri Williams November 11, 2012 When shopping online, clients want convenience, value, and quality. However, they also want assurance that your 5 e against cyber attacks. If potential customers think that their personal and financial information could be compromised, they will be wary of doing business with you. Following are five ways to show your clients that your website ... Read More »

Use Your Billing System to Achieve Social CRM

By Scott Swartz November 19, 2012 Every company wants to be in the know and stay on top of the latest trends. Every company also wants to deliver the best product and experience to its customers. The latest buzzword to sweep the business world is “social” and focusing on the social aspects of business allows companies to deliver on both of ... Read More »

How Online Shopping Can De-Stress Your Holiday Shopping

By Susan Delly November 14, 2012 The holidays are right around the corner which means holiday shopping is revving up for another busy season.  OH NO!!!  For many people, this type of extreme buying is burdened by stress and indecision (when it should be a fun celebration of friends and family).   Because of this stress, consumers are flocking to the ... Read More »

How To Use Public Relations to Help Your Business Grow

By Belinda Darling November 12, 2012 Image is everything… I’ll explain with a small exercise. Visualize what a doctor looks like; they might be holding a tongue depressor or have a stethoscope around their neck. Now visualize an architect or a trades person. Are they holding tools or a set of plans? We all have notions about how people in ... Read More »

Tips for Running a Successful Blog

By James Pattrick November 12, 2012 A blog is an excellent addition to any eCommerce website but, a lot goes into running a blog. While there are services out there that take a lot of the technical tasks out of the way, there is still a lot for a blog writer to do to make sure his or her blog ... Read More »

Help Your Online Store Stand Out and Be Remembered (in a Good Way)

By Susan Delly November 8, 2012 In today’s competitive market, it’s important for your brand to be noticed and remembered, as long as it’s in a good way.  The proper website can help get the attention you deserve by attracting customers, increasing revenue and putting organic, word of mouth talk out about your company.  This type of website building is ... Read More »

5 Video Tips to Prepare E-Commerce Sites for the Holiday Season

By Kelly Ford November 5th, 2012 Smart applications of online video foster the highest levels of brand engagement and deliver on key performance marketing objectives, so the holidays are the perfect time for retailers to invest in video and leverage it across all channels, from website, to email communications, to advertising campaigns. This upcoming holiday season eMarketer predicts online retail ... Read More »

Top 5 Reasons Every Business Should Accept Online Payments

By Heather Legg November 5, 2012 Whether a business is an online one or a physical store or business, a big benefit it can have is accepting online payments. Not all businesses start out this way, and it can be a big mistake. All businesses should really employ online payment services. Here are some reasons why:   1. It’s Easier! ... Read More »

Mobile Web Store: a Fashion Tribute or Urgent Necessity?

By Nicolas Fincher October 31, 2012 Getting Mobile-Ready – Being Sleek or Being Smart Only a few years ago, mobile gadgets like smartphones, iDevices and tablet PCs were the signs of eminence – because of their rather high price, only well-off people could afford these technological advancements. However, as a natural matter of progress, today’s mobile devices have lost their ... Read More »