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Delta Hotels Improves Ecommerce Software with MICROS

August 17, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team MICROS eCommerce Services|TIG Global, a leader in hotel/reservation ecommerce software has announced that their deepening their relationship with Delta hotels, a leading luxury hotel property company in Canada. Boasting almost fifty high quality locations across Canada, Delta has long been an important name in the Canadian hospitality world. The hotel chain has ... Read More »

Sweet Deal: Digital Chocolate Acquires Sandlot Games

August 17, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team In a news story seemingly designed to make you go out and put something suitably sweet and bad-for-you into your shopping cart, Digital Chocolate has acquired Sandlot games (developers of “Cake Mania”). It’s a deal that crosses both state lines and international borders. Sandlot games was founded in 2002 by Russian immigrant ... Read More »

Brighter.com Raises $8M for Discount Dental Care

August 17, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Not having dental insurance is surprisingly not an uncommon problem in the United States. In fact, 50 percent of American dental expenses (approximately $55 billion per year) are paid from out of pocket. The rising costs cause many Americans to either skip going to the dentist all-together and create their own dental ... Read More »

Amazon Facing California Boycott

August 16, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Amazon, the world’s biggest ecommerce solution may suffer the consequences of opposing a California state tax.  A group of Californians supported in part by Democratic politicians, are urging a boycott on the online retailer until certain conditions are met. The coalition of advocates for improved health, welfare and social services is calling ... Read More »

Amazon Mobile Ecommerce Solution Makes Back to School Simpler

August 16, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team And maybe a bit more complicated at the same time. The latest mobile app from the world’s largest ecommerce solution is called simply the “Amazon Student App.” It’s designed to give college students (probably the segment of the student population with the most money to spend and the most expensive needs) all ... Read More »

Gold Surges on eBay

August 16, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team If you invested in gold a couple years ago you’ll be glad to hear that the ecommerce solution eBay has been hit with a boom of gold auctioning.  Gold and silver sales on the auction site have been rising steadily over the past several years.  This type of auction has become so ... Read More »

800Commerce.com Announce Joint Venture Agreement With 800.com

August 16, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Today it was officially announced that the ecommerce solution 800 Commerce Inc. (www.800commerce.com) will be entering a joint venture agreement with 800.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of QuamTel.  800 Commerce is a leading enabler and turnkey ecommerce solution provider working with mobile payments, while 800.com provides businesses with toll free numbers at ... Read More »

Buddy Media Receives A $54M Series D Round

August 16, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team Buddy Media, who is arguably the leader in social media marketing, has just announced an influx of $54 million. The series D funding round was led by GGV Capital, with Institutional Venture Partners, Bay Partners, and Insight Venture Partners pitching in as well. The platform is used by ecommerce solutions and brands ... Read More »

Guest Blogger Monday: Antony Welfare – “The Retail Inspector”

August 15, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team This week we have a very in-depth article from Antony Welfare, the Retail Inspector, about how ecommerce retailers (and all retailers, really) can focus on branding, establish their niche, and improve performance in their markets. Introduction Welcome to my article discussing how you can get the most out of retail marketing and ... Read More »

Seized Diamond Set for Auction at $900,000 Min Bid

August 15, 2011 By the ZippyCart Content Team The elegant diamond seized back in 2006 by an undercover FBI sting operation will be available for online auction on September 6th.  The rare diamond will have an opening bid at $900,000, a high dollar amount for an online auction ecommerce solution.  The auction will also require the winner to secure their ... Read More »