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Latest eCommerce News

Latest eCommerce News

Avoid Idiots: Hiring the RIGHT People to Build Your Business.

It was 2006 when recession hit my first ecommerce company, we had 47 domestic employees on the payroll. I remember that day clearly, October 10th, 2006, we went from $350,000 per month to $50,000 per month. The revenue drop felt as if I was hit by a truck at 200MPH. Weeks passed, and the revenue never returned, it felt like ... Read More »

Tips for Building Quality Business Presentations to Enhance Your Company’s Reputation


There is nothing a customer loves more, or a potential customer wants to see, than an indication that your business is professional, tech savvy, thorough, and connected. Newsletters and emails are great, but when it comes to customer outreach, quality business presentations signal that you — and your company — are serious and engaged. Follow these tips to create Quality ... Read More »

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is a place where collections of beautiful imagery and amazing content abound. It is also a great way to engage a new and relevant readership in your blog.  But best of all, online business owners can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog is a great way to generate traffic and keep in touch with your target audience. Internet ... Read More »

4 Crucial Steps to Take to Protect Ecommerce Business

How do you think an Ecommerce Business works? There are loads of factors that actually need to come together to successfully pull through an Ecommerce business. It is imperative to understand, what exactly the backbone of any Ecom venture is and how to protect Ecommerce business. Study any Ecommerce business model and you will agree that the most crucial aspect ... Read More »

What to Look for When Buying eCommerce Stock Control Software

By John Trimble, Head of Search June 17, 2013 With more and more businesses investing in trading online the importance of having an effective warehouse and stock control software is becoming even more key to the difference between profit and loss. If you’re in the process of procuring eCommerce software, how your back office integrates should be an important consideration ... Read More »

Google PPC Ads No Longer Allowing Phone Numbers

Google has put the brakes on the use of phone numbers in PPC ads. Like many of the changes made by Google, the announcement was made very quietly. The change was put into effect starting April 1, 2013. If you want to include phone numbers in your PPC ads, you will have to use call extensions. Google’s Reason According to ... Read More »

Best SEO Tips for 2013 Ecommerce

By Glen B June 3, 2013 The year 2012 was one heck of an exciting and thrilling ride for all Search Engine Optimization Specialists as the challenge of keeping website SEO strategies Panda Proof is a top priority. The year 2013 has welcomed ecommerce website entrepreneurs, web designers and developers, and internet marketing specialists with more challenges for ecommerce growth. ... Read More »

How to Hire Help for Any Online Businesses – CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS should be required!

By Wayne Baumgartner May 20, 2013 Perhaps the most valuable service or product that any business can offer is its customer service. Through the client, a business grows, expands, and succeeds.   This means that customer service skills should be required from all staff members, regardless of their position within a business. While your entire workforce is responsible in helping the ... Read More »

A Study on Google Shopping

By Mary Weinstein May 13, 2013 Every sales quarter, CPC Strategy conducts a study on the top shopping channels, including Google Shopping on seller metrics such as traffic and revenue. For Q1, Google shopping traffic almost doubled. CPC Strategy’s 2012 Ecommerce Industry Report compares Google Shopping against rival shopping engine Amazon Product Ads. It analyzes the sales data of more ... Read More »

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (that you can buy right now… online!)

A day to celebrate! Mother’s Day is a wonderful tradition that is shared between mothers, grandmothers, aunties and other caregivers, with the children and loved ones who have come under their care.  This celebration, in it’s many different forms, has spanned since early time but has been recognized in the USA as “Mother’s Day” since the early 20th century. Simply ... Read More »