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How Bad Links Hurt Ranking (and how to fix it)

consumer trust

News about loss in search rankings due to bad (or manipulative) links is often making the headlines. In the past, webmasters were confused as to whether spammy links really hurt rankings. Many believed that bad links just didn’t add any value and didn’t understand that they could ruin rankings. Times have changed… and here’s why. When cases of overnight rank ...

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Are HTTPS / SSL Now a Google Ranking Factor?


If you’re an ecommerce business owner who is trying to keep up with Google ranking preferences, you’ll need to hear the latest news on HTTPS and SSL security certificates! Google ranking factors will never remain the same. That’s exactly why we call the SEO industry a dynamic one. If you remember, Matt Cutts, who leads the Google’s web spam team, ...

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How to Use Free Online Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

Make your online store stand out with these free marketing techniques!

Online business are constantly competing against each other for search engine results and future revenue. Regardless of the kind of business you deal in, you’ll be faced with the challenge of keeping traffic and revenue for your web store at a healthy number… all while trying to stay ahead of the other e-stores in your niche.  And all of them ...

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Why Content Marketing is Important to SMBs

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Are you struggling to keep up with effective techniques that will help your small to mid-sized online business?  If you’ve put the time and effort into building your web store and are using one of the best eCommerce software solutions, there are still many things to consider.  Right now, however, the best thing you can do for your online store ...

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Growing & Changing Future of E-commerce

future of e-commerce

What is the future of e-commerce?  Right now, it’s going strong, with no end in sight.  eMarketer explained in its 2013 forecast that U.S. retail e-commerce sales in 2013 were expected to have a 14.8 percent increase over sales from the year before. Nonetheless, these are only U.S. retail sales, and retail only makes up a tiny portion of this major ...

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Is SEO Outdated? (and if so what’s replaced it?)

is seo outdated

There are different ways to drive traffic to a website or blog… Content Creation, Marketing, SEO tactics, Paid and Organic Results, and more.  Among the unpaid techniques, SEO has been one of the most important for years. But as Google is continuously changing its ranking algorithms, almost every webmaster is worried… is SEO outdated or still valid?  Is it worth ...

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Organize Your Ecommerce Business

organize your ecommerce business

When an ecommerce business isn’t running smoothly in its brick and mortar setting, the disorganization shows by way of the company’s online presence. Shala Marks explains on that disorganization can cause many problems for a business, such as lack of financial growth, dips in employee morale, lost productivity and a negative view of the brand from consumers or clients. These kinds ...

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How to Use Online Store Analytics for Marketing

online store analytics

When developing a marketing plan for your online business, keep in mind that using online store analytics is an important method for tracking performance and making decisions for a successful future. It’s crucial to keep a close watch on the performance of your online store so that you can make the right decisions at the right time and continue to ...

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Is Your Online Store a Summer Success?

Tossa de Mar Castle Rainbow

Do you need a lil help to make your online store a summer success? Sometimes sales naturally slump in the summer but with only a little bit of advanced planning, you can prevent that drop in sales and boost your revenue! Is your online store a summer success?  Blah… Summertime is vacation time… who wants to worry about work in ...

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6 Common Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked!

building an online store

As an ecommerce business owner, you’ve probably heard an affiliate marketing myth that makes your nervous… However, if you’re looking for ways to bring in revenue in addition to the products or services you already sell on your site, affiliate marketing, or promoting other merchant’s products, can be a great way to do this. Unfortunately, there are many myths that ...

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