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Latest eCommerce News

Latest eCommerce News

What to Look For in an eCommerce Dashboard

By Lanette Willis May 6, 2013 It’s become standard these days for eCommerce shopping cart platforms to have some kind of eCommerce dashboard feature. So standard in fact, that it’s easy to assume every eCommerce dashboard is basically the same, and to overlook the true power and convenience that can be offered by this tool. Not all eCommerce dashboards out there ... Read More »

How to Use a Blog to Attract Traffic to Your Online Store

By the ZippyCart eCom team May 1, 2013 There are many ways that you can attract traffic to your online store. What you need to figure out is… which are the most effective ways to generate more traffic from your niche market?  Sure, building an attractive online store with a good e-commerce solution (aka shopping cart software) is the most ... Read More »

Pointers for Making Your Bookkeeping Duties Stress-Free

Bookkeeping is one of what many would consider the necessary evils of running a successful business. But it doesn’t need to come with the stresses that so many of us associate with financial management. We’re here to provide some pointers for making the process a bit easier, and hopefully eliminate some of the pain from the process! Consistency is key. ... Read More »

Payroll Nightmares – and How to Prevent Them

By Debbie Allen April 15, 2013 Managing payroll processes can turn into an overwhelming chore that causes nightmares for those responsible. Employees count on receiving their paychecks on time and in the correct amount in order to maintain their lifestyle. Any breakdown in the system can result in huge problems for everyone concerned. The best approach to dealing with payroll ... Read More »

How to Make and Use a Social Media Calendar

Editorial calendars are not just for books, magazines or newspapers. Though they have been in existence for ages, their presence today has extended into the world of the web as well. If you want to get the most out of your social media efforts, it’s a good idea to use social media calendars. Just formulating goals is not enough when ... Read More »

The ‘Get Up and Get Mobile’ Checklist

By Chris Wallace April 8, 2013 Get off the computer and take your business mobile My friend owns a restaurant, and he’s struggling. After enjoying dinner there last week, he sat at my table and talked about the typical problems he’s facing — slow nights and not enough new customers through the door, despite a great location, terrific food, and ... Read More »

How to Increase Revenue with Product Images

By Ricky Tsao March 27, 2013 Years ago, I was a Planogram team member for a Target. My whole job was to influence the customer’s purchase decisions by placing and displaying products in a certain way. From signage to posters, display shelves and in-store advertising, Target put the utmost care and attention to how products are shown to customers. This ... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Develop a Custom Ecommerce Site? (infographic)

By Kinjal Adeshara March 25, 2013 Nowadays, small and large product based business need ecommerce sites. In 2013, will be flooded with new technologies and it’s important to make sure you online business pages shine. Ecommerce websites will only be considered well structured when users can search for a product easily with smooth navigation. Having a custom ecommerce site will help ... Read More »

Re-engage Your Visitors Using Remarketing and Google Analytics

By Ricky Tsao March 20, 2013 A lot of small to medium businesses consider paid advertising for their online marketing purposes. Typically, an SMB would use a service like Google AdWords. However, the reality is that it can cost a lot to get enough conversions (number of sales, or goals, divided by visits) so you may want to look at ... Read More »

Payroll Software Programs: Making Your Life Easier

By Debbie Allen March 18, 2013 Businesses of all sizes can use payroll software programs to handle the processing and calculations of its payroll. In addition to computing payrolls, these software programs can also be used to keep accurate records. In other words, payroll software programs streamline the payroll process. Even in large companies, the programs make the task of ... Read More »