The Favorite Marketing Tools of Online Store Owners

favorite marketing tools
Favorite marketing tools like mail chimp can help business owners succeed.

These days, marketing can make or break an online business so it’s important to pick an eCommerce solution that has a robust set of marketing tools.  Here are a few of our favorite marketing tools…

Every business has different needs, of course, but our ZippyCart team of experts has compiled a list of the general favorite marketing tools of online business owners.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is a fairly new type of marketing that has taken the eCommerce world by storm.  Small business owners can do their own social media promotion and drive visitors to their website for ‘free’ but medium business may want to invest in a social media specialist, as there can be a lot of work involved to reach the full potential.  Great social media tools to look for include an RSS subscription, a store blog, ‘Sharing’ and ‘Liking’ products on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, and the ability to Sell on Facebook with a free FB application or storefront.
  2. Mobile Commerce – Having the ability to browse a store through a smartphone is becoming an expectation so today’s eMerchants had better be prepared.  It’s best to find be partnered with a shopping cart software that gives you this feature for free in all packages so that you won’t have to worry about extra costs adding up.  The opportunity to reach more than 1/3 of the USA population and many others throughout the world can greatly increase your sales.  Look for companies who offer free applications that support all smart phones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry.
  3. Cart Abandonment ReMarketing – Shopping cart abandonment is the Achilles Heel of eCommerce and a huge problem for eMerchants.  There are many reasons an online shopper may leave in the middle of a sale so it’s important to have the opportunity to pull them back in with special offers and other incentives.  Check the favorite marketing features of any eCommerce merchant and you’ll see cart abandonment remarketing on their list!
  4. Email Marketing – Occasionally emailing your existing customer base is a great way to keep them informed on any promotions, sales and coupon offers you may be having.  Offering these unique perks and incentives is also a great way to encourage customer loyalty and get return customers.  The key here is balance… be careful you don’t email too often!   Make sure that your shopping cart software offers email marketing or is integrated with a company such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, two of our favorite marketing tools.
  5. Customer Product Reviews – Clients love to read what other buyers have to say about a product they’re considering and reviews are said to help make a final decision for many online shoppers.  Moderated customer reviews are great for the online shop, too, as they offer a ton of new content, which helps with SEO and ranking.
  6. Business Blogs – Another great way to get the word out about new products or promotions is through your store’s blog.  Write up some unique content, share it through your social media and watch it drive traffic to your online store.  Like customer reviews, a blog is another great way to increase your sites content and improve SEO and ranking.
  7. Special Offers – Almost everyone loves a good deal so making sure your shopping cart software allows you to feature things such as coupons, buy 1 get 1 free, seasonal promotions, discounts based on total shopping cart sale, and free shipping will help create a sense of urgency and deliver a positive response from your target audience and increase revenue.   All of the better quality eCommerce solutions should cover these basics but it’s best to check and be sure of the cart you’re looking at.

It’s easy to understand why these 7 favorite marketing tools rank amongst the top favorite for eCom owners today.  No online store should be without them as they make life easier for both the eMerchant and the online shopper!

What are your favorite marketing tools?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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