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Halloween Ideas for Kids, the Office and Decorating a Cubicle

Spoonful.com is fun of Halloween Crafts and Recipes!

By the ZippyCart content team
October 10, 201

Halloween is the faaaaaavorite holiday of our team here at ZippyCart so for today’s Random Wednesday post… let’s take a peek at some favorite craft ideas (the tasty ones, too).  We are using these ideas to bribe coworkers, decorate the office and entice visitors.  It’s working well so far, so we invite you to do the same!

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.  In fact, we love this spooky time of year so much that the visitor comment that becomes our next favorite craft recipe will receive a special treat, on us!

Bring on the good ideas… we still have 3 weeks to decorate, bake and plan for Halloween.  :-)

  1.  The current office favorite is the Jack-O-Lantern clementine.  They are fun to make and delicious (and much, much healthier than the average Halloween treat).  They are even a surprising favorite with the kids!  We thought they’d make a beeline for the chocolate.
  2. The runner up favorite is Spider and Worm Ice Cube tray that keeps getting dumped into our general ice supply.  It’s important while making these that the spiders and worms be too big to accidentally swallow when the ice melts away.  We suggest using sour gummy worms… they work great in light colored drinks such as Sprite or lemonade.
  3. Our 3rd favorite is a tasty treat that is so easy to make, even a developer can do it!  (haha)  You can follow a foodie mousse recipe or you can dump a box of instant chocolate pudding in cups to create this spooky Halloween Graveyard chocolate cup!  Extra bonus… those are Nutter Butters as gravestones.
  4. Scary Footprint Ghosts are the next in line.  These are a blasts to make with your little ones and very cute to display in the office.  When you pair them with the next craft, your cubicle will melt the heart of almost anyone walking by.
  5. The clever Hand Print Spider is the perfect match for the Footprint Ghosts and easy to make with both your children and coworkers (we know… sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart).
  6. If you’re the type to bribe your coworkers… make sure candy is always out for the taking, spook up your candy bowl for Halloween with a simple but adorable Mummy Bowl that only needs a 2 liter bottle, gauze and googly eyes!
  7. If your office is filled with coworkers who like a quick treat, they’ll love this Jack’O’Lantern cheese dip as much as we do!  Again, it’s very easy to make and you can layer it however you’d like!

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  1. LOVE these Halloween ideas. Will be trying a few of them myself ! Thanks for the ideas :-)

    • Thanks so much! We went to check out your site and think your Halloween, holiday and special occasion gift baskets are Awesome!
      We especially like BattyBear.
      With the right product photos tools, we bet your business would really take off. :-)

  2. Decorate with boots to make a fun cowboy halloween theme.

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