Tips on Choosing the Best Ecommerce Development Service

Any online store has the significant advantage of being able to reach out to a global audience, around-the-clock, with no geographical and time restrictions. Are you taking advantage of this global reach with your online business? It’s definitely a good decision to do so but you’ll find yourself facing a difficult task of choosing the right ecommerce development service for your web store.

ecommerce development serviceAs you may guess, not all web developers (or the ecommerce development service they work for) are created equal and there are a lot of questions to be answered before you even start your search.  Sound tedious?  You’re right.  It takes a lot of time to weed out the poor ecommerce development service providers and research their level of skill, expertise, quality, creativity, toolkits and services. We’ll help you get on your way, however, with some tips on how to choose the right ecommerce development service for your business.

Here are some things you should consider when looking for an ecommerce development service:

  1. A Freelancer or a Company?
    The first dilemma that the majority of business start-ups face is whether they should choose a freelancer or an ecommerce development service to create their online store. An ecommerce development service will help you avoid the risks associated with hiring a freelancer.  Opting for a recognized gives you reliability and ensure of quality work… which will probably cost you less, in the long run.
  1. Check Company Background
    With such a variety of web development companies in the field today, you should be very careful when narrowing down your options. One of the first things that you should check is the company’s background. How long has the company been around?  Will they provide references? What type of work guarantees do they offer?  Going with an established company with a high level of expertise and solid experience in the ecommerce development field is your best bet. Such companies hire highly-skilled experts and use the most innovative technologies. Other things to consider include the company’s track record, overall experience, certificates and awards.
  1. Credibility Level
    What does the internet say about the company you’re considering?  Do they have great unbiased reviews somewhere online?  How is their online reputation?  Look through reviews of company’s former and existing clients on third-party independent online sources, like forums and blogs.  If you look with a critical eye and discount the obviously biased comments and reviews, you’ll will get a real opinion about the quality, advantages and disadvantages of their services. Remember: most real reviews point out the good and the bad of an experience.
    Take a look at the company’s client list to see how popular they are. With thousands of online businesses using their services, you can have total peace of mind knowing that they are professional and trustworthy. And of course, don’t forget to look through client testimonials. Though they may only post positive ones, a reputable company usually has testimonials in a visible place.
  1. Project Portfolio
    Nothing presents a better picture of the abilities, expertise and creativity of any professional more than a portfolio of their previous projects. Nothing!  Don’t hesitate to ask for company’s portfolio with links to their previous web projects. Take your time to examine all essential aspects – from the storefront design and navigation menu to overall functionality and built-in options. This can help you understand if this team of ecommerce development service providers is able to deliver you the result you need.
  1. Comprehensive and Flexible Services with Customization Opportunities
    Once you’ve made a list of reputable and trustworthy web development companies, you can dig deeper by checking their services options, paying considerable attention to their flexibility and customization opportunities. You’ll obviously want to launch a unique, sophisticated ecommerce project that will stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive edge on the Web market so be sure to choose an ecommerce development service that can meet and exceed your expectations!
    Look for a company with a comprehensive range of web design and development services (including everything – from the initial installation to upgrade options), strict adherence to the customer-oriented approach and developers who are ready to cater to escalating ecommerce needs and requirements. Make sure that they are ready to turn your proprietary ideas and visions into real, user-friendly works of art.

Have you ever used professional ecommerce design services? We’d love to hear about your experience or other useful tips in the comments below.

Guest author James Woodgate is a community and PR manager at Simtech Development, a widely known custom ecommerce development provider with the main focus on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor shopping carts integration.

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