Top 7 User-Friendly E-Commerce Sites on the Web

User-Friendly E-Commerce
User-Friendly E-Commerce sites make more in sales! User-Friendly E-Commerce stores are easy to build and worth every moment you spend on them.

 Whenever people shop, whether in physical or online stores, they need to have a user-friendly e-commerce customer experience.

As a merchant, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the customers time in your store is smooth and leaves them with a good impression. When considering how this is done… everything matters, not just the product. Consumers appreciate it when stores, virtual or not, are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t only benefit the buyer because when the buyer is happy, well…the seller is, too.

When consumers go online to shop, it can be difficult to find exactly what they’re looking for. When they do, however, they want to be able to purchase easily. If an eMerchant is looking to build their own website for their business, it may help them to look around at existing websites for ideas on what look and feel they prefer. For those looking for that certain special experience for their websites, check out some of the following small and medium business storefronts that fit the bill of being user-friendly and visually pleasing:

  1. This bright and bold site has many graphic options and looks cute while doing it.  From wall graphics to apparel to a print shop and design services, they’ve got you covered. The fun site makes browsing easy, provide an easy check-out, and answers all your questions – just like any great shop should do!
  2. Gather  Looking to make your own blog pop? Try out WordPress’s Gather theme, where you can not only blog, but also sell your wares and show yourself off, all packaged in one great look.
  3.  Not only are these little cookies absolutely to die for but their products look great!  When you want a different type of housewarming gift or maybe something unique for a business gift or get well gift, check Heidi’s cookies out. Browse this site and see how a small cookie business uses a smart eCommerce software to to get the job done through excellent product images and ease of use. Your mouth will be watering and you’ll get some great ideas at the same time!
  4.  This whimsical site offers the best in décor for your home, including mailbox covers, flags, and seasonal doormats and puts it’s product line-up in a fun, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-shop set-up.  Lawn and House Décor knows what it’s doing with its website. Check it out for some great ideas on building your own.
  5. Etsy  This is THE place to shop for handmade crafts and the site makes your experience with them just as much as fun as shopping at the mall. With Etsy, it’s easy to get around and find just what you are looking for, from jewelry to scarves to any kind of craft or vintage clothes. Check out the site and all the storefronts within for some great ideas on building a small/medium business website.
  6.  Young, trendy and lively, the Zox storefront showcases the enthusiasm of the founders and the product… wrist “straps” not bands! The positive vibe not only portrays the company, but will rub off on any customer browsing the site. It’s super warm and welcoming as well as user-friendly.
  7. Take a deep relaxing breath and look at this blog. Whimsical, charming, and peaceful, this website conveys its message with more than words and pictures – it’s emphasizes simplicity and bundles blogging and selling.

Whether you are buying or you’re selling, the website matters. A buyer wants ease-of-use and aesthetics; the seller should be able to offer that. Take a look around for just what you want; it has to be out there!

What are your favorite user-friendly E-Commerce sites?

Guest author Heather Legg is an author who writes for a variety of websites including

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  1. Gather, number 2, is not is not a website as it is written in the title: “Top 7 User-Friendly E-Commerce Sites on the Web”.

    It’s a WordPress theme, an ordinary ready-made web template.

    Looks like the article is self-promotional :)

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