Understanding PageRank to Optimize Your Online Store

Part 4 in a Series of SEO Tips for Ecommerce Success.

When you run an online store, the most important thing you need is traffic.  Traffic translates into customers, which translates into profit, it’s as simple as that.  No matter how great your storefront looks, your ecommerce solution works, your deals are, or your products might be, if you don’t have anyone visiting your store, then you won’t be able to make any sales.  The best ecommerce software solutions know how important this is, which is why they provide many great tools to optimize your online store.  Beyond on-page optimization, though, you must also build inbound links to your storefront from other reputable websites.  This is because part of Google’s algorithm considers inbound linking a differentiator between the sites that deserve high rankings and those that don’t.  To understand why, you must first understand PageRank.  We created the infographic below to explain PageRank in more depth:

understanding google pagerank infographic
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Note: The content from this article has been moved to the page where the infographic above lives. We found that 90% of our traffic has been going to that page instead of this one, and wanted to fully explain the infographic there without duplicating our content. To view this full article, please checkout What is Google PageRank, an Infographic.

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  1. simply powerfull info
    it helps a lot
    thx man i like yor posts

  2. wow…

    this is really cool.. thanks for sharing.. Two thumbs up for the zippycart content team. You guys are AWESOME!!!

  3. The infographic is very clear. really good information. I still wonder if the .edu sites are that valuable as what most people say they are. One picture truly tells more then a 1000 words. I like the “two way backlinking” explanation. Nicely done!

  4. Great article, I appreciate you posting this out. I will be reading your blog as much as I can from now on! Appreciate it.

  5. The pictures makes it easy to explain pagerank ! It is a concept that is sometimes hard to explain.

  6. Nice Info-graphic about Google. but still lol im in the marching band zone :(

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