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2014 1ShoppingCart Review

Highlights: Hosted Shopping Cart Stand Out Affiliate Program Search Engine Friendly HTTPS/SSL Encryption Integrated Shipping & Tax Calculators 1ShoppingCart is a popular ecommerce solution with 3 distinct packages ranging in price from $34 to $99 per month. Each package has similar features with regards to its shopping cart solution, but…

Review Overview

Overall Value (15%) - 8
Level of Customization (15%) - 7
Search Engine Friendliness (10%) - 6.6
Depth of Reporting Tools (5%) - 7.4
Mobile Commerce Integration (5%) - 7.2
Customer Service (15%) - 6.8
Ease of Use (15%) - 7.6
Range of Tools Available (10%) - 7.4
Social Media / Social Commerce Integration (5%) - 6.8
Free Trial Features (5%) - 8


Solid Choice

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  • Hosted Shopping Cart
  • Stand Out Affiliate Program
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • HTTPS/SSL Encryption
  • Integrated Shipping & Tax Calculators

1ShoppingCart is a popular ecommerce solution with 3 distinct packages ranging in price from $34 to $99 per month. Each package has similar features with regards to its shopping cart solution, but the higher you go in price, the more features you will gain for email marketing and managing your affiliate partners. 1ShoppingCart also runs 1SCStores, which provides 4 ecommerce solutions that combine a shopping cart and email marketing software. 1SCStores is more of an instant online store solution similar to Amazon Webstore and Shopify, which doesn’t offer the same robust feature set as 1ShoppingCart or the same level of customization.

1SCStores Review: Expert Shopping Cart Review

Note: This is an older review of 1ShoppingCart done in 2010. To see the latest about what this ecommerce solution has to offer, check out our latest review of 1ShoppingCart.

Web.com Group, Inc. has been known as the company behind 1ShoppingCart.com, and in June 2010 the company came out of Beta mode and launched a new ecommerce solution called 1SCStores to the public. On Twitter 1SCStores mentions that they have offices in Toronto, Ontario and Jacksonville, Florida, which means that this company works off of the eastern time zone, an important factor to some.

1ShoppingCart Review 1SCStoresIn the past ZippyCart has reviewed 1ShoppingCart.com, but 2011 is the first year that we have added an expert ecommerce review about 1SCStores to the site. Many merchants who are new to ecommerce often stumble into 1SCStores when researching the right ecommerce software solution for their online store, and therefore ZippyCart wanted to make sure that we had a detailed review about using 1SCStores to help merchants in their quest.

1SCStores offers a variety of different hosted ecommerce software packages to choose from, to meet the needs of different sized merchants. Overall 1SCStores is a good ecommerce solution for any merchant new to selling online, but below you can read more details about building, managing, and promoting an online store powered by 1SCStores technology.

Building & Designing an Online Store With 1SCStores

1SCStores looks to make it as easy as possible to set up an online store with their ecommerce software, and they even have a number of videos hosted online that help illustrate this process. It all starts out with a start-up checklist, which will help merchants make sure that they have everything set up so that they can start selling online. When working on the checklist, merchant will be able to set up their taxes, shipping, and payment gateway. Then merchants can create a product category and add their first product to their new 1SCStores online store so they can then begin to sell online. 1SCStores also looks to make the design process very straight forward, as they have a variety of online store templates to help merchants create a look that they enjoy. Once the merchant decides on an online store template, they can start using the ecommerce software to edit the template and further customize the look and feel of the site. It also makes the process of adding additional products much easier, as you can better understand how everything should be best organized at your online store.

Having smooth navigation through your entire storefront is critical to success, as consumers want to be able to easily find what they want when deciding if they want to move forward and check out of your shopping cart. 1SCStores allows merchants to quickly adjust the navigation so that consumers will have little troubles shopping online. This includes making sure pages like About Us, Contact Us, FAQs, and customer service are clearly visible in the navigation of the site, as consumers enjoy reviewing these pages to ensure that your online store is reputable. Any merchant new to ecommerce software should not have too much difficulty using the system to create their first online store.

Managing an Online Store With 1SCStores

managestepsThe management capabilities with 1SCStores are fairly standard, allowing merchants to easily accomplish everything they need to do on a daily basis and keep their online store running properly. Merchants should have no problem adding new products or editing existing products in 1SCStores, which is a frequent task among most who sell online. 1SCStores also has integrated order management which allows merchants to handle all their sales, returns, and refunds, via the admin interface of the ecommerce solution.

Customer management is also made to be simple with the ecommerce software from 1SCStores, which is a key part to any online store. Through 1SCStores you can segment your customers into groups to help you better understand how to sell to them. Unfortunately, these features are a little lacking, as you can’t set private sales for customer groups or gain important feedback from groups as you can with other hosted shopping carts.

Another important part of managing an online store is reporting and analytics, as merchants need to constantly watch how things are performing so that they can adjust accordingly to improve overall success of their online store. 1SCStores does provide a variety of reporting and analytics tools to help you guage what’s working and what isn’t within your online store. If you are a merchant that relies heavily on a large array of data, 1SCStores might be a bit to sparse for you. On the other hand, if you are a merchant that prefers simplified data and analytics, then 1SCStores is a perfect option. In general the online store management capabilities with 1SCStores have all the basic tools and features that a merchant would need day-to-day, making this a great ecommerce solution for beginners.

Marketing an Online Store with 1SCStores

promotengrowWhen it comes to marketing an online store with 1SCStores it really depends on which hosted ecommerce package you pick, as not everything is equal in terms of features and capabilities. Some of the tools that merchants will enjoy using to promote their online store are the affiliate marketing and email features that made 1ShoppingCart and Web.com famous and are a great way to expand reach. Unfortunately, the lower end package level of 1SCStores does not include affiliate marketing, but it does include 45K emails per month. Additionally 1SCStores partners with FeedPerfect, so merchants can utilize the shopping comparison engines, which allow products to be pushed out to even more online shoppers. Another thing that merchants like about 1SCStores is that they can try and improve their search engine rankings with custom product page URLs and built-in meta tag fields. Plus 1SCStores gives the options for merchants to share their products on popular social media sites. When combining these features, any merchant can put together a high quality marketing campaign, which is something that makes 1SCStores a top choice among marketing savvy store owners.

Selling Online with 1SCStores

When you set up an online store with 1SCStores, it is important to know what tools there are to help increase your sales. 1SCStores has a few of the standard features which merchants have come to expect, including cross-selling and up-selling, discount codes, and coupons. Outside of that, many merchants have come to expect social media tools like the ability to sell on Facebook. Unfortunately, 1SCStores does not currently offer some of these basic social media tools.

Merchants should also note that 1SCStores charges transaction fees on all of their hosted ecommerce packages, which means that as an online store becomes more successful, the fees will start to add up. In return merchants get unlimited bandwidth, but for smaller ecommerce merchants bandwidth is usually not a big concern until they start to get a lot of traffic to their online store. For successful merchants, a pay by transaction method could be far more lucrative, as bandwidth overage fees are usually unpredictable.

Customer Service, Packages, & Pricing at 1SCStores

In terms of customer service, things are a bit stripped down at 1SCStores, and it is not easy to find this out when browsing on their website. They seem to use Twitter quite frequently to interact with their merchants, however they link to their Facebook page on 1SCStores, but from late 2008 to late 2010 they have not touched the page. Likewise they do not have a blog to communicate and update merchants, which has become common among most top ecommerce software solutions. Those merchants wanting support have to log onto the 1SCStores system and submit their questions, or see if they can get lucky and find a video that helps with their problem. If a merchant wants phone support, 1SCStores says that they have to upgrade to Ultimate Unlimited Support, and then still only get help Monday-Friday from 7AM to 5PM Pacific Time.

When it comes to plans and pricing at 1SCStores, there are four different options for merchants ranging from $0 per month (2.5% transaction fee – $10 monthly minimum) to $249 per month (0.75% transaction fee). Features vary based on package, and merchants should review all of the details to see if there is an option that sounds like a fit. Unfortunately there is not a free trial like other top ecommerce software solutions offer, but merchants can pay $3.95 for a 30 day trial of the software to test it out.

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