2014 AmeriCommerce Review

The Good AmeriCommerce is one of only a few shopping carts that offer multiple storefront options. With this feature, you can operate several unique web sites from one main console! Its feature set is very robust and a web, Facebook and mobile store is included at no additional charge. Tech…

Review Overview

Security ( PCI / PA DSS Compliant ) - 8
Ease-of-Use - 8
Customer Support - 8
Marketing Features / Features - 8
Search Engine Friendliness - 9
Level of Customization - 8
Overall Value - 8
Design Features / Templates - 8
Social Media / Social Commerce Intergration - 10
Mobile Commerce Intergration - 10
Scaleability - 8


It's worth it

AmeriCommerce is a top-notch solution that offers a hard-to-find multiple storefront option. It may be best for slightly advanced users, however, or those with extra time to study up with their abundant video tutorials.

User Rating: 1.75 ( 1 votes)

The Good

AmeriCommerce is one of only a few shopping carts that offer multiple storefront options. With this feature, you can operate several unique web sites from one main console! Its feature set is very robust and a web, Facebook and mobile store is included at no additional charge. Tech heads will like their XML Web Services API.

The Bad

Because some of their features are advanced, AmeriCommerce may not be the best choice for an eCommerce newbie. It’s free template selection is limited and the design tools are not for the beginner.

Cool Features

The SEO tools that are built in to every AmeriCommerce store will automatically rewrite your URLs and tags to improve your site’s ranking with Google. They integrate with GoDataFeeds (for a small additional fee) which will distribute your products to 40 other sites. We also like their AddToCart link generator which allows customers to add items to the cart from WordPress, Drupal or any other site.

To Sum it Up

AmeriCommerce is a top-notch solution that offers a hard-to-find multiple storefront option. It may be best for slightly advanced users, however, or those with extra time to study up with their abundant video tutorials.

AmeriCommerce was recently acquired by Capital One Inc. At this time Capital One intends to keep AmeriCommerce independent.

Store Set-up /Designs

AmeriCommerce Example StoreThe AmeriCommerce store set-up / design has a couple of features that the ZippyCart team really liked but that are not-so-commonly found in other eCommerce Solutions. For example, they allow merchants who are testing their storefront to view it in live test mode and log-in to order as if they are a real customer. This really helped the ZippyCart team get the complete customer experience and adjust our store according to on the spot experience. They offer some free templates, but nothing overly impressive or unique. Like most carts, they provide a handful of basic designs with repeating colors and then offer design and development services for those who’d like a more custom, creative look. Prices for those services range from average to high.

Unfortunately, we felt that despite the advanced frontend design tools, the admin panel was not as easy to navigate as some of the other top ten carts and may prove frustrating for the absolute beginner. It was difficult to customize the store front with our own ideas and we had some problem navigating the pictures and visual adjustments with their drag and drop system. The system provides a lot of functionality, but little consideration given to the user experience.

AmeriCommerce Store DesignerTo truly customize the site, you’d need some advanced technical skills. With those skills, however, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy state-of-the-art features like the portability of their file based theme system, swap & clone designs and the ability to use your own existing editing tools, like Dreamweaver.


SEO / Marketing

AmeriCommerce is constantly updating their software and finding new ways to improve their marketing and SEO needs. That’s probably one of the reasons they have been nominated 3 times for, and even received a Codie award for Best eCommerce Solution. Recent updates have included Mobile Commerce, a user-friendly mobile optimized frontend, and a seamlessly integrated a Facebook Shop… both offered for no extra cost! Other marketing / promotion perks include daily shopping portal feeds (Google and Shopzilla) and customized shopping feed campaigns. ZippyCart considers marketing to be a key component to the success to any store and while AmeriCommerce does have some great standard marketing features, they fall a bit short by not including important features like customer remarketing.

SEO tools are abundant in an AmeriCommerce merchant’s shop. They have built-in features that can automatically rewrite your URLs to make them more SEO friendly, which will improve the ranking results on your store products. If you’d like, they can also automatically optimize your page title, META tags, alt text and other page items.

Online merchants who are looking to transfer an existing online shop can rest easy with AmeriCommerce as they have built in special software that will protect your current Google rankings by redirecting your old URLs and pointing them to the new AmeriCommerce URLs.


Security is one of the most important considerations when choosing your eCommerce solution software. The ZippyCart team loves that AmeriCommerce takes security very seriously, covering their online merchants and stores with PCI-compliance and daily vulnerability checks by McAfee HackerSafe & ScanAlert. It’s worth mentioning that AmeriCommerce requires you to create a very unique password as part of their security measures. Overall, we feel this is a good thing but the process of creating the password may take a little patience. Our passwords were rejected many times before we had a success so we felt a password generation tool would have helped. On the flip side, the password retrieval tool isn’t quick, so be sure your password is one that you won’t forget!

For further protection, online merchants may create multiple login accounts with unique passwords that will allow them to restrict and grant site page access to employees, as needed. Even your admin consol is protected with 128bit SSL security.

In short, AmeriCommerce has your security needs covered. It’s nice when an eCommerce solution realizes how important security is!

Product / Store Management

AmeriCommerce Control PanelWith AmeriCommerce, online merchants will enjoy a product and store management system that is built to handle and organize your inventory, whether you have thousands, or only a few products. The flexible product catalog includes a web-based catalog editor, mass-product editor, CSV import/export, and a Web Services API. There are many ways to customize products and features like high quality photo zoom and product videos only help to create a great customer experience.

Store management takes things to a new level with the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software because they offer the hard-to-find option of running multiple store fronts from one admin consol. AmeriCommerce is the top ranked company for multiple store fronts and is ZippyCart’s #1 recommendation for online merchants who require this unique feature. Though this multi-store consol can be confusing for some, the benefits of such a system can be great. Having the files for multiple stores in one centralized database can help save time and will allow online merchants to compare the analytics of several storefronts against each other.

Customer Service

AmeriCommerce Add ProductsThere are several different Customer Service options available with AmeriCommerce.  When signing on to their service, an email from an account management team is sent with information on phone and email support, as well as a support portal and other tips and feature highlights.

The customer service hours, however, are some of the more limited we’ve seen.

Contact tech support or sales by phone:  Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm CST
Submit a support ticket: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Email your ‘person’ – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

AmeriCommerce strongly encourages you to search their knowledge base, online documentation and forums before submitting a ticket or calling but ZippyCart did not have much luck with their search results or online video tutorials. We felt their ticket / mail response time was average but it was occasionally hard to get the point of the problem across. While your mileage may vary, Zippy Cart has noticed some other reviews complaining about support. As always, we suggest signing up for a free trial and see how it goes. If you experience support issues in a trial, odds are it’s not going to get better when you become a paid customer.

Overall Value

AmeriCommerce offers competitive pricing with 5 different levels of software packages. They start with an entry level package at $24.95 a month and go all the way to high traffic plans at a monthly $299. Their most popular plan rings in at $99 a month and allows up to 5000 products, 15GB of traffic and 1GB of storage. ZippyCart loved that all packages include a free shared SSL, free set-up and no transaction fees. We had mixed feelings about their base package, however. While it drastically limits you to only 100 products, it offers more bandwidth and disk space than some of its competitors. While the platform can be modified for overseas markets, AmeriCommerce works best for the US market.

Overall, if you have a bit of tech experience behind you, AmeriCommerce is a great option.

AmeriC - overall value


  1. Americommerce customer service is terrible.

    When customers ask Americommerce the server information to manage their domain DNS to launch websites (Americommerce called ‘Go Live’), it usually takes more than 7 days. (I have been waiting for more than 8 days after I submitted tickets.)
    Meanwhile other ecommerce hosting companies usually provide their server information less than one business day.

    I have spent for more than 9 months to launch my site by using Americommerce, but now I seriously consider to switch ecommerce service.

    Conclusion: Avoid Americommerce because their customer service is very bad.

    • Thanks for the advice Ken. While we didn’t have these issues, we do know that it was recently acquired by very large credit card company and this simply could be the result of growing pains.

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