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2014 CoreCommerce Review

The Good CoreCommerce is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that has a full feature list and great support team. ZippyCart frequently gets good feedback from CoreCommerce users and we can see why. It offers a free Facebook, web and mobile storefront and consistently gets rave reviews for both customers and others…

Review Overview

Security ( PCI / PA DSS Compliant ) - 8
Ease-of-Use - 9
Customer Support - 9
Marketing Features / Features - 9
Search Engine Friendliness - 9
Level of Customization - 9
Overall Value - 9
Design Features / Templates - 9
Social Media / Social Commerce Intergration - 10
Mobile Commerce Intergration - 10
Scaleability - 10
Security - 8


Top Platform

CoreCommerce is well-loved by many in the eCommerce world and would be a great choice for almost any level of online merchant. The user-friendly store set-up and control panel put you off on a good step while their excellent customer service will provide any help you may need along the way. While CoreCommerce is their hosted offering, they also offer a licensed model under a different brand name for true scalability.

User Rating: 1.5 ( 3 votes)

The Good

CoreCommerce is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that has a full feature list and great support team. ZippyCart frequently gets good feedback from CoreCommerce users and we can see why. It offers a free Facebook, web and mobile storefront and consistently gets rave reviews for both customers and others in the eCom world.

The Bad

CoreCommerce drops the ball when it comes to shipping and international sales. They don’t have real time currency conversion or an international tax calculator. They also offer a limited number of payment options when compared to our other top 10 carts.

Cool Features

Keeping up-to-date on features is important for CoreCommerce and it shows. They’ve recently added Pinterest options to their already strong social media and marketing presence. Each of their online stores also has a blog built in, which makes it easy to promote products or keep in touch with customers. It’s design tools are some of the best in the industry and are complemented by a decent set of templates.

This is an older review of CoreCommerce. To view the latest review, please click here.

Expert Review of CoreCommerce

Store Set-up /Designs

CoreCommerce's easy-to-use theme wizard
CoreCommerce’s easy-to-use theme wizard

The store set-up at CoreCommerce was a favorite amongst the ZippyCart team. We’re not alone in our appreciation as CoreCommerce won the gold in the 2012 American Business Awards (the Stevie) and was nominated in 3 categories, Computer Software, Best Software Programming/Design and Best eCommerce Site. 

The admin panel offers great design tools such as a Drag & Drop Design Mode, a Design Wizard, and easy-to-understand set-up sections that prompt you to manage different areas of your webpage, one at a time. They also offer video tutorials to help you along the way but with this easy-to-use interface, our team didn’t have to actually watch any.

CoreCommerce claims to have 250 free themes for online merchants to choose from but ZippyCart found that number to be highly exaggerated. They really offer a few dozen well-designed themes and then a ton of older themes with repeating colors. If you choose to go with one of their free themes, you’ll have some design control with adding colors, photos, and even changing the look of your buttons… without having to know any coding languages, which is a huge plus for newbies. There are also custom themes available, of course.

Other concerns with the store set-up include a limited number of payment gateway options and a $250 data migration fee (other solutions offer that service free of charge). This is something to watch if you have an existing store front to transfer or a brick and mortar store that already has a relationship with a payment gateway that may not be listed with CoreCommerce. They offer both import and export tools and will even import products from Yahoo. Magento and Volusion.??? Though this process is somewhat cumbersome, it’s a nice feature to have when setting up your store.

CoreCommerce offers great widgets including, New Arrivals, Recently Viewed, Polls and even a Deal of the Day. While you’ll find some of these in other top eCom solutions, a handful are unique to the team over at CoreCommerce.

Marketing and social media tools are strong with CoreCommerce. ZippyCart loved that they give online business owners the opportunity to keep in contact with customers through a store blog that’s built right into the site. Having a blog for your store is a great way to improve SEO and keep customers informed. You can also use the blog to promote anything that’s new in your store: products, event, or misc information.When it comes to SEO, Core Commerce does a lot for their online stores and keeps up to speed with current trends. They will make sure your entire store is built with optimization in mind by adding features such as automatically generated Meta Tags for all products, categories and content pages. You can still add your own, custom Meta Tags, Titles and Descriptions, as well.

Other great marketing features let your customers log-in with and connect to FaceBook and Twitter. In fact, when you add a product to your store, CoreCommerce software automatically sets it up for FaceBook and Twitter. You do have to go in and manually add other social media tools through a special section for plug-ins, however. They’ve even recently upgraded with a Pinterest option, which shows that keeping up with client needs is important to this team.

Overall, CoreCommerce ranks as one of the top marketing focused carts on our list.


Security is one of the most important features of an eCommerce solution but it is often over looked. When choosing your shopping cart software, please be sure that they are PCI-compliant.

CoreCommerce takes your security seriously and meets all the PCI-DSS compliance guidelines when it comes to protecting your online store. That basically means that they’ve gone through a series of very rigid, expensive and time-consuming processes to ensure that you, your customers and your online store have the best protection possible. Dedicated SSL is available for an extra charge.

Product / Store Management

Store management is easily accessible through a CoreCommerce administrative dashboard. Processing orders, managing customers, inventory, site content, design, marketing and reports are all very easy to navigate and manage through clearly defined buttons. It is also very easy to access marketing tools such as gift certificates and pricing discounts. If you’re a Quickbooks user, they have free integration, however, they use WebConnector instead of the upgraded IntuitAnywhere, which automatically connects and requires no separate action on your part.

Adding and managing a single product is a snap with CoreCommerce. Customers will enjoy viewing your products with a built-in image zoom and featured color swatches. The list of product management tools goes on and on but other features that we liked a lot here at ZippyCart included, gift registry, customer group pricing, cross-selling products, reward points and gift certificates. Overall, it really has everything you’ll need to efficiently manage your products.

CoreCommerce's control panel
CoreCommerce’s control panel

CoreCommerce also offers a “Plug-In” setting which allows you to activate access and functions to various other applications on the web like Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, HubSpot Lead API, Mail Chimp, QuickBooks, Endicia, DAZzle, Constant Contact and others. We were not able to test the functions within these plug-ins as most require accounts with the respective sites. But knowing CoreCommerce, we’re sure they work well and will help your store achieve success. We only hope that in future versions these plug-ins will be get upgraded to appearing in the application, rather than having extra steps associated with them. Remove One note here, some of these are standard in most carts ( for example some of the social media tools are listed here ) and not entirely sure why they’ve chosen to list them in this area. Maybe in future versions they be listed into the application and not as a plug-in.

CoreCommerce's plug-in screen
CoreCommerce’s plug-in screen

While they offered inventory control for products, we didn’t see it at the variant level. That said, they have system that allows you to set up variants very easily.

CoreCommerce is a great US-based solution but it’s missing some key features necessary for easy international commerce. While they offer global shipping, they don’t offer real-time currency conversion and there are no options for setting up international taxes.

CoreCommerce's Set Up Wizard
CoreCommerce’s Set Up Wizard

Customer Service

The CoreCommerce customer service team has a solid presence and won’t keep you waiting long for a response. In fact, they claim a Legendary Support team and from our experience, it is extremely reliable. CoreCommerce pays close attention to customer service ratings and uses customer suggestions in considering new features. Here are your contact options:

Contact support by phone: Mon-Fri: 24 hours a day, Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: Closed
Contact support by chat: Mon-Fri: 24 hours a day, Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: Closed
Submit a ticket: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Sales: Mon-Fri: 8am- 5pm

Overall Value

There are 5 pricing packages available through CoreCommerce, each one with a different type of online store in mind. Their monthly fees range from 19.99 a month to 149.99 a month and there are no set-up fees on any of the plans. CoreCommerce perks such as mobile ecommerce, free Google AdWords Credit and a Facebook storefront are included in each pricing level. Another bonus to the extremely competitive pricing is that they will not charge any other monthly fees. The only other fees you’ll see will be those charged for services by your payment gateway or merchant account.

An added bonus is that CoreCommerce is a completely scalable solution. On top of their hosted model, they also offer a licensed cart called digiSHOP. This will help as your business needs grow. To list and discuss every feature in CoreCommerce is outside the scope of this review but the ZippyCart team of experts are fans of this powerful eCommerce application and therefore, it is considered one of our top carts. As long as you don’t foresee international sales to be a strong part of your eCommerce needs, CoreCommerce is an excellent choice for your online store.

Pricing for CoreCommerce
Pricing for CoreCommerce


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