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2014 Fortune3 Review

This is an older review of Fortune3. To read our latest review, click here.

Fortune3 is a long-time contender in ZippyCart’s top shopping cart solutions and among the top ranked eCommerce solution software companies available.  Having proven themselves over the last decade, Fortune3 has been providing a reliable eCommerce solution for over 10 years.

Fortune3 offers B2C and B2B software that is fully customizable with no coding knowledge.  They offer unlimited data usage but do charge a transaction fee for most of their packages. Fortune3 keeps up-to-date with features like mobile commerce, selling on facebook, and cart abandonment remarketing.

In keeping with industry norm, Fortune3 offers a free online trial store.  However, they go above and beyond and let you test out their software for 6 months before you have to purchase it.  During this free trial period, they include ticketing support and will help you create an online store to fit the needs of your business.

Fortune3 - overall

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