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Volusion, BigCommerce or Shopify: Which One is for You?

By Halyna Yefymchuk
December 31, 2012

Choosing the right shopping cart solution is not easy!

The eCommerce market is now torn between two competitive solutions – licenced shopping carts and hosted platforms. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks of course. Merchants of all levels of experience can also be torn apart by the complicated decision of choosing the right shopping cart. That’s because there is often no clear choice. There is no one-for-all unique solution which will make the eCommerce miracle for you.

However you can find the solution optimal for your business needs and convenient for store management.

To find out which shopping cart can claim to be №1 Choice for You we offer a short questionnaire.

Are the following statements are true for you:
1. You have high level of technical skills.
2. You want highly customizable eCommerce solution.
3. You are ready to purchase extensions to add functionality.
4. You can take care of site security, design creation on your own.
5. You have enough time and resources to handle server issues and site maintenance

If your answer is YES to most of above statements you should turn your eyes to licensed platform. Most of them offer full access to source code, ability to modify it according to your needs. You will get full control over all aspects of store management and will take the responsibility for changes and improvements. You will be able to figure out which of the opensource carts has all necessary functions.

However, if you have answered NO at least for two of the above statements you should probably opt for hosted shopping cart. There are plenty of them at your disposal, however a few of the most popular nowadays are Volusion, Shopify and BigCommerce. Now we have narrowed the choice to three options, lets continue answering the questionnaire.

Do you agree with the following?
1. Free technical support is crucial for you
2. You need advanced product features like built in product comparison and one step checkout
3. The shopping cart must be PCI/CISP certified and provide SSL encryption
4. vZoom image resizing and color swatch is what makes store inventory attractive and
5. Automatic software version update saves much time and efforts.

The above statements are all true for Volusion‘s shopping cart solution, and if they are relevant for you than the cart is a perfect match for your business. Volusion will be easy to manage and make business growth effective. The main purpose of the developers was
to provide merchants with all in one solution. So with Volusion you will have all the opportunities to “open a successful online store”.

However, if you are not attracted to the Volusion platform benefits, you should move on to the next section of questionnaire.

Do you agree that:
1. Professional design themes and templates should be available out-of-box
2. You want to have an ability to sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook
3. Gift certificate and wish lists can attract more customers to your store
4. The eCommerce software should be packed with various built in features like SEO and
marketing tools
5. Product management flexibility is what you are looking for.

Impressed with the top 5 benefits? Then you should take a closer look on BigCommerce. Developed by Interspire, BigCommerce came to life with an already hard-earned trust and reputation in the industry… and it continues to grow. BigCommerce claims to offer “everything you need to create a successful online store” and, indeed, the shopping cart is fully functional and will provide convenient store management.

And the last but not the least option for you. Take a few more minutes and you will have the complete picture of hosted solutions choice. Think, if you would like to get the following advantages:

1. 30-day free trial to check the platform functionality
2. Control over HTML and CSS to build store design
3. Intuitive panel with interactive statistics and inventory warnings
4. Wide localization opportunities with multiple currencies and languages
5. Detailed customer profiles and groups

Are you nodding your head while reading the above features? Then, Shopify cart is for you. The main aim of the providers is to make you feel comfortable in store administration, launch store smoothly and start selling online immediately.

Hopefully, the brief eCommerce questionnaire managed to help you get the general impression on eCommerce options and decide on your preferences. All you need to do is to consider each option and make the right choice. Start a new year with a brand new store and develop your business successfully.

Guest author Halyna Yefymchuk is a Marketing Assistant at MagneticOne, developer of Cart2Cart – an automated shopping cart migration service. Find out more information about migration to VolusionSoftware, BigcommerceSoftware and ShopifySoftware.

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  1. Would be great to see important feature and cost comparisons.

    This is an important decision that carries real risks.


  2. I would consider to use Shopify, but I don’t want to pay them 2% fee. Thats why I had chosen BigCommerce)

    • Hi Robert, Thank-you for your feedback. We are glad you are using BigCommerce and like them!

      Just to clarify, Shopify currently does charge a 2% transaction fee on their lowest package but only 1% and then 0% with other offered plans.

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