2015 Fortune3 Review

The Good – Fortune3 has very reasonable pricing. In fact, they offer the same feature set in their basic packages that you’ll be paying over $80 monthly for with other eCommerce solutions.  Unlike most eCommerce solutions, Fortune 3 has assigned customer service representatives, so you'll typically be dealing with just…

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Customer Service

Recommended for intermediate to advanced users and merchants doing under 2MM in sales per year.

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The GoodFortune3 has very reasonable pricing. In fact, they offer the same feature set in their basic packages that you’ll be paying over $80 monthly for with other eCommerce solutions.  Unlike most eCommerce solutions, Fortune 3 has assigned customer service representatives, so you’ll typically be dealing with just one individual. That can reduce your stress level considerably, especially if you’re new to eCommerce or have dealt with difficult sites in the past.

The Bad – Some of their features are no frills basic and the navigation in the admin area seems to be geared to a more experienced user. During our evaluation of their software, we encountered several bugs and glitches.

Cool Features Fortune3 has some great, unique features that aren’t found in many other eCommerce shopping carts, such as an “Events Manager” and “Recurring Orders”

To Sum It Up – If you’re looking for an inexpensive eCommerce solution software to get started with and have some knowledge in the field or pick things up well, Fortune3 may be a good option for your online store.

Store Setup and Design

Fortune3 offers a shopping cart software that automatically includes many features and integrations that other carts charge extra for.  Their great features become apparent in the initial store setup and design, and include features as a customizable mobile site and tools geared towards language and currency friendliness.

The ZippyCart team did encounter some confusing navigation and glitches in the store setup and editor.  Though a WYSIWYG HTML editor and drag & drop tree is available, we didn’t find them easy to use.  That leads us to feel the Fortune3 shopping cart is best for users with a bit of tech skill under their belts.  If you have the time and patience to deal with system that isn’t as user-friendly as other best shopping cart solutions, Fortune3 offers a great feature set for the price.

Another unique feature of Fortune3 (that the ZippyCart team was split on) is their duel admin areas.  You set-up your store and then run your store from two different admin panels.  Depending on your personality, this could be considered a pro or a con.  Either way, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Fortune3Internet Marketing

Fortune3 shows it’s a top-of-the-line eCommerce solution by providing most of the internet marketing and SEO tools you’d expect from a top shopping cart solution.  This includes selling on Facebook and social media sharing widgets. They offer good email marketing are one of the only companies who offer a built-in affiliate program for their eMerchants.

Their eCommerce software is optimized towards SEO with static HTML pages, automatic or manual meta tags, titles and filenames, direct feeds to top shopping websites, and XML sitemaps.


Security is an important aspect of owning an online store but Fortune3 eMerchants have little to worry about as they are covered with McAfee Secure, PCI-compliance and a free shared SSL certificate that ensures an encrypted checkout experience. If you’d like to upgrade and put your store on its own domain, Fortune3 offers a Geoturst SSL with 3 different tiers of security.

Data back-ups, firewall protection, catpcha validation and trusted server locations are also great features in Fortune3 security and eMerchant protection.

Product and Store Management

With a ton of great features included in their basic packages, managing a store or products can be easy with Fortune3, after you are used to their software.  They have all of the basics, plus some interesting features like RMA return codes, multiple inventory databases (Quickbooks, Peachtree and Sage), an option for recurring sales, and a live chat for their eMerchants.

You have great control over product options and can easily make bulk changes, when needed.  Fortune3 offers multiple product images with zoom and thumbnail creators.  You can also create customized reports using only the information you need at the moment.

There are over 50 payment gateways available with Fortune3 and ZippyCart considers them to be extremely friendly to international sales. They’ve also had some vast improvements in the last couple of years that have upgraded their customizable check-out fields and included PayPal Checkout, Google Checkout, and Checkout by Amazon.


Customer Service

Fortune3 offers several different forms of support, such as online manuals, training videos, an in-depth knowledge base and the option to submit a ticket 24/7.  If you’d like to chat with a Forutne3 specialist, here are their hours:

Contact support by phone: Mon-Fri: 9am – midnight

Submit a ticket: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Online Manuals and Knowledge Base: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Overall Value

ZippyCart considers Fortune3 to be a good eCommerce solution, but make sure it fits the needs of your business before you dive in.  If you’re looking to avoid the nickel and dime feeling you find with other top eCommerce solutions, Fortune3 is known for being an economical shopping cart software that includes all features in every package level.  Though the software starts out being a bit more difficult to navigate than other top eCommerce solutions, Fortune3 has several unique features that may make it worth your time to learn.

We took a look at other reviews on the web and found Fortune 3 is typically awarded 3.5-4.5 stars ( out of 5 ). Many of the negative reviews we found were older and complain about bad customer service and outdated features. These complaints are not uncommon for eCommerce solutions therefore we recommend taking advantage of the free trial they offer before you commit to their solution.


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