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Infographic: How Sales Messaging Affects Conversion Rates

conversion rates and sales messaging infographic

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While the economy may be recovering in some places, it’s still rather dismal in others. Because of this, online businesses can’t afford to ignore a great money making opportunity when it arises. But before chasing the next big product launch, an online entrepreneur needs to tackle the easy changes right under his/her nose. Fixing the low hanging fruit of sales messaging, could lead to a huge financial impact with just a few hours of work.

So how exactly does sales messaging affect the conversion rates of an online store or business? This infographic answers that question and more!

Concrete Emotional: The Winning Tactic

The first big take away from this infographic is that concrete and emotional statements go a lot farther than abstract and intellectual statements. So what’s the difference? A concrete and emotional statement tells the reader exactly what your company is about while also showcasing how your service will help them in some way (thus playing to emotions). An abstract and intellectual statement may be very catchy (like “Online advertising that works!”) but it doesn’t provide your audience with any concrete proof of your statement or an explanation about why your service helps your customer.

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons?

Your button text, color, and the graphics on your buttons can go a long way. If you run an online store, your main goal is for users to click that “add to cart” button, but is the button the best it can be to attract the attention of your visitors? Having a button that matches the template or theme of your website might look pretty, but this also means it might get lost among all the other images on your site. Studies show that red buttons with arrows go a very long way toward improving conversion rates.

Here’s some other tips for creating a highly converting button:

Draw the eye in with big, bright and bold colors

Add a price drop call out on sales buttons

Navy text has been proven to give off a feeling of trust

Things Best Left Unsaid:

Sales messaging is as much about what you don’t say as it is about what you do say. As ecommerce has evolved, we have learned about a lot of sales messaging that should be avoided and buttons to keep off of websites, but many shopping cart solutions still provide this messaging as a default on buttons and forms. Messaging worth avoiding includes: “Empty Cart” , “Reset Form” , “Create an Account to Make a Purchase” , “Your Session Has Expired.” If any of these messages exist on your site, consider dumping them before they deplete your conversion rates.

A/B Testing is a Must

This infographic has pulled together studies from all over the web to serve as a guide for conversion focused sales messaging. Of course, every web experience is different and every brand is different. You may find that while some of these are spot on tips for your online store, others just won’t work with your unique customers. That said, we can all agree that finding the right sales messaging could lead to huge improvements in conversion rates and it’s easy to test the sales messaging that works best for you. Use Google’s Website Optimizer tool to roll out A/B tests of different landing page slogans, buttons, and more. It’s free and extremely user friendly.

No matter what, there is always room for improvement with any given website. If you spent a lot of time A/B testing before, that doesn’t mean that you’re done now. As the Internet evolves, so do the users that you hope will one day become your customers, so it’s important to always test how you are communicating with your audience to ensure you’ve found the best messaging to achieve your goals.

This infographic was designed by Killer Infographics for ZippyCart.com

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