Marketing your store - learn how to get the audience that converts into sales.

Marketing Your Online Store

Learn how to get buyers to the your store and get the tools that help them convert into sales!

As the owner of a small business online, marketing your ecommerce storefront might seem daunting at first. Luckily, at ZippyCart we’re in the business of helping online store owners get the most out of their shopping cart solution, and this includes providing tools and tips to help merchants get found online and increase sales. From email marketing, to web design, to SEO and PPC, there are many great ways to get found by customers and then keep them coming back to any ecommerce storefront. In this detailed section of ZippyCart, we will walk you through the top products to make your online store marketing plan a success and get your products out there for all to see.

Email Marketing & Web Design For Your Ecommerce Storefront

The way your ecommerce storefront is designed could mean the difference between a customer just browsing and a customer following through with a purchase. Many online merchants consult professional web designers to improve the user experience for their customers while also appealing to new customers. A great storefront can go a long way, but should be paired with a well designed email marketing campaign to ensure customer retention. Learn about the popular businesses that marry web design and email marketing to form a powerful ecommerce storefront to be reckoned with.

  • EmailSynergy Platform (ESP)
  • Yahoo Email Marketing Tools
  • Constant Contact Email Marketing
  • Marketing & Web Design

Optimizing Your Online Store With Top SEO

SEO is a big buzz word in the ecommerce space. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and means the difference between ranking on page 5 of Google and ranking on page 1. As someone with an online store, you need customers to find you in order to shop. Many brick and mortar stores rely on location to bring in foot traffic. Similarly, online store owners must rely on search engine location to get virtual traffic. To drive success to your store, learn more about how SEO tools and experts can help double your traffic and get you positioned in the right place on Google.

  • SEOmoz
  • SEO

Using Pay Per Click Advertising for Your Small Business Online Marketing

While it is important to invest in SEO, it is also important to invest in Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Any good SEO will tell you that it takes time to rank in search engines and there is no overnight solution to gaining organic positioning in Google. This is why many merchants consider using a two pronged attack of SEO and PPC for their small business online marketing. With PPC, you can rank on the right hand side of search results in minutes, and almost always on page 1! Learn about the top companies in the PPC space and how they can help drive traffic to your ecommerce storefront instantly.

  • Yahoo PPC Marketing
  • Miva PPC Marketing

Getting The Most Out of Affiliate Marketing for Your Online Store

Affiliate marketing is a great way to add new products to your site or get other merchants to sell your products. As an affiliate partner, you sell products from other merchants at your online store and will receive commission from every sale. As an affiliate merchant, you can have other online store owners sell your products on their shopping cart and they will receive a commission for every sale. Learn more about the top affiliate networks out there and how you can use them to increase profit.

  • ShareASale Affiliate Marketing
  • FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing
  • ShareResults Affiliate Marketing

Business Cards for Your Small Business Online

Even though your business is online, you can still capture the attention of foot traffic with business cards. Consider getting some cards that showcase your ecommerce storefront URL and hand them out to people who may benefit from shopping at your store.

  • Moo Business Cards

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