Increase Online Sales With Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing, you can increase sales to your online storefront by having others sell your products for you!

Others who join affiliate networks do so to increase their product catalog. Either way, it’s an opportunity to raise brand awareness and make more money. Below are some of the top affiliate networks in the ecommerce space. Learn how they can improve your online storefront and raise profits.

affiliate marketing

ShareASale Ecommerce Storefront Affiliate Marketing

ShareASale is an amazing affiliate marketing network. It will allow you to expand your sales by extending the reach of your online store. Almost any small business online can sign up for ShareASale, and achieve a back end marketing goal. Ecommerce storefront owners can use ShareASale to promote their affiliate offer, which is then picked up by publishers who receive a percentage of each sale or a fixed dollar amount for each sale they help you generate. ShareASale is one of the most widely used affiliate networks in the US, utilized by thousands of online storefront owners and web publishers. Check out what they have to offer, and decide if it is the right place to market your online business.

FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing

Flexoffers is a very solid affiliate network that has been becoming increasingly popular among ecommerce storefront owners. Some affiliate marketing networks require you to sign monthly contracts, pay up front or monthly maintenance fees. Not Flexoffers. In order to make it very simple for any small business online, the only cost involved is a 20% cut of all transactions. All ecommerce storefront owners need to worry about is paying for performance, which means more sales and profit for the online business. When you sign up as an advertiser, you will also get a dedicated account manger to help ensure you know everything needed to be a success in promoting your online storefront on Flexoffers.

Share Results Affiliate Marketing

Share Results is a small affiliate network that has been around since 2002, and is dedicated to serving their advertisers and publishers. Their program is great for a small business online that wants to expand its reach and grow sales. It’s also good for web publishers who are looking for additional offers to promote. Share Results was founded by Nicky Senyard, with a focus on relationship building and doing what it takes to make each affiliate program a success. If you are an online store owner looking for a small, personable, and highly effective affiliate marketing network, then you should definitely check out Share Results.

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